Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Baby J: 3 Months

Turtle is going to be 4 months old tomorrow. This means, 1) I am the worst mom in the world because I can't even manage to post a couple paragraphs for a month, and 2) someone figured out how to speed up time. The logical part of me says to skip 3 months and just start fresh with 4 but the mom inside me feels way too guilty and I don't want my daughter to need therapy because I couldn't be bothered to talk about her spit bubbles (which she blows constantly btw). So here goes, let's give this memory a workout.

SLEEP: I really can't complain here because our little Turtle is sometimes sleeping through the night. The nights that she wakes up she has a bottle and goes right back down. We are working on her bedtime routine and start anywhere between 7 and 8pm, then it's bottle and bedtime. Just after she turned 3 (months) she really started to fight the swaddle so I got brave and tried a sleepsack. Some babies have a tough time transitioning but I'm not sure Turtle even realized the difference. So we're full on in a sleep sack now. I am also really digging our morning routine: daddy is a morning person so he is usually awake and gets baby, changes her diaper, feeds her and then plays with her until he has to get up and go. This means a bit more sleep for mommy and that means we all win.

Naps are a completely different story. Turtle still won't really nap and I think I need to give up the dream that she ever will. 

SKILLS AND DEVELOPMENT: My little baby is becoming a person! We have really started to see Turtle come into her personality and watching her discover everything is so amazing. I never thought I would be so excited to see someone grasp a toy in their hand. And she has found her voice! My mom got a motorized mobile for her crib and Turtle absolutely loves it, she lays underneath and 'talks' to the bugs as they 'fly' by. 

FAVORITES: Turtle completely flipped and now enjoys the mamaroo, plus I found the swing our friends have and she likes it too. She doesn't last a long time but she will actually chill for a good 15-20 minutes and we switch her between the two throughout the day. I do have to say though that her favourite is to be held facing out while you're standing. It's exhausting. She also loves the songs from our Mother Goose music class, specifically one called 'Roly Poly'. I sing it over and over with her in my lap and do the hand gestures and she is in heaven.

Daddy might be the biggest favorite. As soon as Turtle sees his face she breaks into a huge grin and gets so excited. They play and have conversations with each other and it's the most wonderful thing to see. She already has him wrapped tightly around finger.

NOT SO FAVORITES: Her car seat (an infant seat), entertaining herself (this just doesn't happen) and naps. 

MY THOUGHTS: I love being Turtle's mom. Yes I get tired and frustrated when she cries for the eighteenth time that day (we still have digestive issues but they are getting better) and look forward to her bedtime but every night I miss her. I sneak into her room and watch her sleep, tell her again how much I love her and marvel at how quickly she has grown in such a short time. She has changed so much recently and I am excited to see what 4 months brings us.