Tuesday, 29 April 2014

So Happy to Announce…

I FINALLY found a new purse!  You didn’t think there was anything else I would announce did you? Hehe ;)

I have a slight purse obsession and had a great string of luck with gorgeous finds at wicked prices but it seemed to dry up after finding a black leather Kate Spade bag for a quarter of the original price about two years ago.  I haven’t been able to find anything lately! 

I knew what I really wanted to find in Palm Springs was a new purse and I was immediately on the hunt but finding nothing.  And I didn’t want to pay full price, I am looking for a wicked deal from an outlet or something, and when I get a beautiful bag that I love for a screaming deal it’s that much more of a rush… plus I’m trying to be more responsible ;)

So there I was on my last full day in Palm Springs after finding nothing on any of the previous 6 days’ worth of shopping (including the outlets!) and I had to give it one more chance.  I jumped into my mother-in-law’s little car (thanks Mom!) and headed to areas I had never been to before.  No luck.  And then it was getting close to 4pm and I was losing my last afternoon/evening at the pool (I had a bunch of wine and tequila to finish off!) and I knew I had to make one last stop.  One place I hadn’t checked and had never actually found anything there… TJ Maxx.  I drove 10 minutes in the opposite direction of home, acutely aware of the sun I was losing and the precious minutes ticking by, and I parked and ran into the store. 

TJ Maxx groups purses by colour or by collection and I found myself first faced with about 20 white bags.  I love white but I am totally my mother’s daughter, meaning that I frequently spill something on me or my surroundings, and white would never last.  Right after the white I came to the clearance section and that was when I saw a dark green leather bag hiding in the back.  A beautiful colour, leather and my current obsession Michael Kors??  On CLEARANCE??  So meant to be!



Monday, 28 April 2014

Meal Plan Monday

After getting home from Palm Springs at 1:30am Sunday morning and collapsing into bed, getting woken up at 7:30am (at least I know I was missed) and then going all day and evening, all I wanted to do was crawl into bed and take a quick trip to Dreamland.  Hence the lack of Sunday meal planning... But I'm quite enjoying the title Meal plan Monday so we'll see what happens next week.

We weren't feeling adventurous at all and fast was the theme of the week, not to mention a quick grocery shop, so below is what we're cooking up in the kitchen this week:

Sunday: dinner out :) Once a year hubby's dad and stepmom have us all for an amazing buffet dinner at one of the golf clubs.  There is lots of wine, lots of food and family to catch up with.  I even got a private performance of my two nieces' 'Let It Go' routine, loved it.

Monday: homemade burgers and fries with a side of sautéed mushrooms and salad.  Hubby made burger patties from scratch and they were delish.

Tuesday: baked chicken, wild rice and roasted broccoli

Wednesday: BFD (scrambled eggs, perogies and turkey bacon with fruit salad)

Thursday: homemade chicken strips (tossed in a bacon and cheese breaking mixture) and scalloped potatoes with salad

Friday: dinner out again! I am meeting my book club downtown for dinner and hubby is on his own again. 

I also have a few things planned to keep me busy this week including...

  - picking out flowers to plant in our front garden

  - transplant my vegetable seedlings into bigger pots

  - looking at Macbooks (my company has an interest free purchase program and I think I'm going to finally    

    bite the bullet!)

  - laundry, laundry, laundry and maybe some more laundry (it never ends and we don't even have kids! 

    Landscapers have SO MUCH LAUNDRY!!)

  - try out a vegetable soup with orzo... A new recipe, cross your fingers!

And now it's time for sleep, sweet dreams everyone!

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Life Lately

Wow I have really missed this little space of mine!  I have also missed reading all the great blogs I have found along the way, but I'm back baby!  I spent the last two weeks living and breathing a 5 day seminar I planned for work and I am so happy to say that it was a HUGE success!  The prep and planning was intense and exhausting and then the seminar itself was intense and even more exhausting.  Twenty two people from all over North America, Europe and Asia were under my watch and I loved it.  I loved them! Everyone was amazing and so friendly.  I got the loudest applause at our farewell dinner on the last night and I kind of teared up... I'm sure the wine the didn't help;)

And lucky for me I was given another opportunity for a vacation in Palm Springs (aka my second favorite place in the world) and so here I am spending 8 amazing days in paradise.  Unfortunately the hubby is stuck at home but I am here with two book club friends.  It's a repeat of last year and actually the one year anniversary of our book club! We are currently reading my first pick, The Night Circus, and I'm only 42 pages in but already really enjoying it.  The book and I will be spending a lot of quality time together in the pool this week.

We don't have much planned for the week besides a lot of time at the pool (I need some major colour, I am so pale!), a bit of shopping (we're actually heading to the outlets this afternoon, hoping for a good find or two) and of course, wining and dining.  And by wining and dining I mean raiding the $10 wine selection at Target and making chicken strips with fries and gravy.  I also plan to re-enter the blog world because I have been MIA for far too long!

Good morning from Palm Springs!