Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Bumpdate: 34 Weeks

Our sweet baby girl at 34 weeks

How far along: 34 weeks

Size of Baby: according to the ultrasound we had yesterday Baby P is a whopping 5lb 9oz! 

She’s huge. And she’s just going to keep on growing. And my non-existent hips are supposed to open enough to let her out, not to mention the other parts that will be destroyed pushing out a watermelon.


Gender: I am still so excited to meet our sweet baby girl!

Symptoms: I can sleep all day every day and every night. This is likely because I found out Monday that my iron levels plummeted back in July and follow-up was recommended for iron deficiency. No follow-up was done however and – this is my favourite part – my nutritional counselor is the one who went back through my results and discovered it. So now I’m on iron supplements and hope I can get some energy back for a few weeks before a newborn exhausts me!

Stretch marks: Not horrific but happening.

Sleep: no problems! Ok I lie – I pee like 4 times a night. So annoying.

Husband: swears up and down that her hiccups were actually his own heartbeat he was feeling. I officially give up.

Belly Button: Still an inny!

Movement: She moves a lot which is awesome… usually. A foot in my ribs in slightly annoying when I’m in a meeting but I can usually get her to shift if I lightly nudge the area. The ultrasound showed she is head down and bum up so at least I don’t have to add breech to my pregnancy issues (I swear, my body just does not like pregnancy! But it’s so worth it :)

Cravings: Soup?! Broccoli cheddar is on the menu tonight.

Maternity Clothes: still living in maternity leggings. I am not a fan of maternity jeans so good thing I have 4 pairs of leggings…

Best part of the week: seeing our babe on the ultrasound yesterday. Even if she is ginormous… I may have to start calling her Baby P(iggy).

Worst part of the week: having to balance work and my appointments, I feel like I’m always rushing somewhere and I feel like l’m not giving my all at work because so much is going on. At least the end is in sight!

Missing most: I really need wine right. And tequila. But mostly wine.

Looking forward to: our prenatal class tonight! We are hoping to meet some other couples in our area who will be new parents at the same time… and possibly new friends?

Happy Hump Day!

Thursday, 10 September 2015

Bumpdate: 33 Weeks

The last couple weeks have flown by with way too much going on but thankfully ended with a relaxing few days at the cabin where I read and took lots of naps. And snacked. And stared at the lake. Chatted with my hubby. Walked with our pup. Saw salmon spawning in the river (SO. COOL.). Daydreamed out loud about how different next summer will be.

It was glorious. The perfect babymoon.

And now we about 6 weeks away from meeting our sweet little one, Baby P.

Wow. I want time to slow down at the same time that I want it to speed up. I can’t wait to hold our baby in my arms but I also want to cherish these last few weeks of life as we currently know it that will change forever. I have a feeling though that these next few weeks will pass by too quickly but when we are finally about to meet her will be complaining that it has taken forever.

Taking advantage of my sister’s wedding photographer for a bump shot 
(but this photo credit goes to my sister G)
How far along: 33 weeks

Size of Baby: honeydew melon / 19", 4.5 lbs

Gender: Baby P is a little girl 

Symptoms: still able to nap at the drop of a hat (and wish I had the opportunity to do it more!) and also noticed this past week that standing up, walking or even sitting up for extended periods of time is super uncomfortable. Especially long car rides – the 4.5 car ride home from the cabin on Monday was not fun, it felt like she was digging a heel into my ribcage for most of it.

Stretch marks: It’s officially happening L

I am now using Hempz lotion and it has the BEST smell. Not sure how it is with stretch marks but it’s natural, feels amazing and did I mention how good it smells??

Sleep: no problems!

Husband: still has not felt any baby kicks or movement. This actually makes me really sad because he is missing out on this amazing bonding with our baby girl L

Belly Button: pretty sure it’s not going to pop.

Movement: I am feeling a lot more movement now, especially after I eat fresh fruit and drink chocolate milk. She almost seems to stretch diagonally from my left pelvic bone to up under my right rib cage. I sometimes think I can feel her bum right below my rib cage but really I have no clue.

Cravings: I finally got my DP 10!!! I am doing pretty good at spreading it out too! Oh and I drove past a McDonald’s a few days ago and needed to have fries with McChicken sauce. And let me tell you they tasted damn good.

Maternity Clothes: maternity leggings and tops, I live in these.  I will say that my “maternity pajama pants” from Old Navy aren’t really impressing me… they cut across my bump at an uncomfortable spot, too short to pull up over the bump but too long to rest just below it. I don’t love them.

Best part of the week: finding out I get another ultrasound next week!  I wasn’t sure I was going to get another one at all so I am pretty excited to see our little babe on screen again.

Worst part of the week: it was hard to come back to work after a 5 day weekend. I feel mentally checked out already and just want to be at home getting my baby’s nursery ready and getting the list of projects I done before she comes. And nap, I also really want to nap.

Missing most: hmmm this one is tough this week. I’m kind of over missing wine (probably because the end is in sight), I am still sleeping really well (knock on wood that continues), my wedding and engagement rings still fit… my shoes too! I think I’m at that point where I am just loving on my bump and waiting for our sweet babe to arrive. But I’ll let you know how I feel next week ;)

Looking forward to: doing a bunch of organization in the baby’s room this weekend! I want to finally get the change table put together and packed, drawers organized, shelves put in… I want to do it all! I have three days at home and at least need to make a good dent in it.

Wish me luck!