Friday, 30 May 2014

Friday Dance

Happy 'It's My First Birthday Weekend Celebration' Friday!  I'm not entirely sure if it's the Gemini inside me but I love love love LOVE my birthday and celebrate it for as long as I can.  This year my special day falls on Monday so I have taken it upon myself to declare this weekend through the next my birthday.  I also have decided to declare this the Summer of Sarah... and once I figure out what exactly that means I will let you know.

Back to my birthday.  I am celebrating tomorrow with K and assorted others at our local Community Day (if there isn't a beer garden there will be a flask!) and then wherever the rest of the day/evening takes me... Sunday is going to be a Funday ending with a family dinner and Monday is yet TBD.  I will need cake of some sort.  And then next Saturday we are having friends over for a BBQ.  So excited!

I am linking up with Darci and friends for or 5 on Friday and thanks to Lisa from Chic Little Thrills for my latest addiction after ready my confession post, I have some gifs for you :)
1.) I will for sure be dancing this evening... it might be in my kitchen but I will have a glass of wine and I won't have any rhythm!
2.) WINE!
3.) Whenever I drink a lot of wine I turn Pitch Perfect on and sometimes we fast forward and only watch the singing scenes... and we always dance at the end!

4.) And we all know I love my weekend naps...
5.) But really IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!!


Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Hump Day Confessions

I have stumbled across a couple of confession posts recently and every time I see the link-up button I get a little flop in my belly because um yeah:
Vodka and Soda
I am totally down with having Ryan's face on my page and I'm sure I have a few things I can drum up for confessional... so let's get started.
1) I do not have a massive collection of gifs.  Don't get me wrong, I love seeing them and they really do help illustrate a point (I have literally LOL'd more than once!) but I really don't spend time looking for them and I have no clue how to make them. 
2) Anyone who knows me knows that I am addicted to TV, more specifically Netflix on my iPad and the girly shows I record on our DVR and weekend binge on.  Well, I have an unnatural obsession with 16 and Pregnant.  I love that show, it's one of my most favourites ever and I'm not really sure why because it's generally like watching a train wreck and never ends well.  Not once in the farewell confession/real-talk has any one of those girls said "this is the best thing that's ever happened to me!". 
3) I used to keep a box of Milk Duds hidden in our bathroom cabinet and the only reason I don't anymore is because I ran out and have successfully avoided the candy aisle since... but not sure how long that will last.
4) If I drank as much alcohol as often as I want to I would legit be an alcoholic.  I am really proud that I (usually) manage to keep it to Friday-Saturday... but my birthday is this Monday so pretty sure a Sunday Funday is in my near future.
Hey I found one!


 Happy Hump Day!

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Weekend Recap: Exercising my Green Thumb

Cheers to a great weekend come and gone!  We didn't really have any plans which was nice because I've been working a bit later these last few days and I was really looking forward to a lazy weekend.  Friday night was fairly uneventful, we went to buy a few plants to replace the seedlings I lost: lettuce, spinach and kale... here's hoping I can keep actual plants alive.  On our way home we picked up dinner and relaxed in front of the TV for a couple hours before turning in.  

Saturday was a good day.  I slept in uninterrupted and then enjoyed a couple leisurely cups of coffee while watching the Parenthood season finale (please tell me that Julia and Joel will get back together?!) before taking Milo out for a good long walk on a trail beside a nearby river/creek thing.  I love watching Milo when he's off leash on a trail wandering all over the place, he's so carefree and happy.  He does try to hump almost every dog he comes in contact with but thankfully most of them snap at him to show who is boss.  It's still embarrassing, thank goodness he's cute!

Saturday morning in the trails
When we got back home I finally gave into the weeds overtaking the front garden and ripped them out.  This was actually quite necessary because we bought plants 3 weeks ago for the garden and they have been left to (somewhat) survive on the porch since they came home.  he downside of owning your own home is the upkeep outside... hubby mows the lawn but for some reason the gardens fall to me and non-existent green thumbs.  


Saturday night was another chill one, we ordered in some dinner and watched the hockey playoffs (I was actually re-watching Orange is the New Black on my iPad) while enjoying a few drinks.  Hubby fell asleep on the couch at 9:30pm and decided to head off to bed which gave me another chance to watch some of my shows... I only have about 6 more episodes of Bones before I'm all caught up!

On Sunday we woke up to light rain with the promise that it would get harder so I finished weeding and got everything planted.  I think we need to add some more flowers but it's a good start.  As soon as I finished up outside the rain started coming down hard so I ran a hot bath and settled in with a hot cup of coffee.  It was so ugly out all day that we stayed in and watched movies, ate some tasty snacks, took a family nap... the perfect lazy Sunday!


It wasn't even that hard to get ready for Monday because we were looking forward to Milo's birthday.  I realize that he had no idea what going on but we knew it was a special day and had lots of fun with him all day, gave him (too many) treats and a special dinner.
And in addition to his new bed and stuffies, I got him a fish.  And named him Otis.

Our newest family member, Otis

Only 4 more sleeps until another Friday!

And for the first time in a long time I am linking up with the lovely Weekend Recap hostesses Showered with Design  and Dateless in Dallas.

Showered With Design

Monday, 26 May 2014

Happy Birthday Milo!

Our youngest fur baby is 5 today.  Wow, how time flies... We brought Milo home in September 2009, after being together barely 5 months and when we were still unofficially living together (which happened barely two months in)... a few people thought we were crazy but it was one of the best days of my life.

Growing up we always had pets - including a duck and tortoise at one point - but as much as I may have thought they were "mine", my mom fed, walked, took care of them all.  Milo is the first dog in my life who depends on me (and hubby when I'm out of town).  The love I have for this little guy is unlike any I have ever known and I look forward to enjoying life with him for many more years to come.

The week we first brought Milo home

1) Milo with his cousin/BFF Zoe

2) Milo and his brother Jinx (that's the bottom half of my side btw)
1) Another selfie fail

2) The only one of the 40+ dogs on the trail who needed to jump right in the mud
1) Normally shy and very skittish, Milo was beside us throughout the wedding ceremony and reception, including joining us for our first dance.  I love this photo.

2) One of the best moments of my day - every afternoon he watches for me at the window and then runs to the door as I come up the walk
What's a birthday without presents?  Milo got a new bed and toy (that has lasted over 2 hours!)
 Happy Birthday Milo!

Friday, 23 May 2014

It's My Ass

So this is totally me right now.

  1. I make excuses.
  2. I procrastinate about EVERYTHING.
  3. I'm so lazy.
  4. I love food.  Love.  Food.  
So yeah, this is me and my body won't change until my mind does.  No more excuses!

Happy Friday All :-)

Thursday, 22 May 2014

Boozy Art

Last week a few friends and I went to the latest Groupon phenomenon 'Paint Nite' and I had a blast! Basically you choose a theme night (we chose wine, shocker!) and then an artist walks you through the creation of your painting.  It's a two hour class and it's always held where they serve liquor because the only thing more fun than donning a bright green apron and playing with a bunch of paint is doing that with a buzz.  Unfortunately the location we (they) chose was quite far from my house so boozy painting was out of the question for me. I will do the painting again but I will not do the sobriety again.  I was so frigging jealous of all those cocktails flying by me...
Ok maybe I got one drink beforehand... but defs not enough
Ready to get my paint on!
the setup
the painting we were attempting to copy (not including the sun glare)
my canvas
feeling good, like I might actually be an artist
she told us to add a "cloud"... I started going downhill...
Way downhill... to what I think an angry vaj would look like...
added my glass in hopes of detracting from the angriness... messed up my glass at the top
finished product!
We may not be hanging my painting on our wall but I would for sure do this again.  There are a lot of different themes to pick from (birds, landscapes, fruit, etc) and I feel like I might be better at trees or some kind of landscaping.  Wine might make me better as well - I will keep you posted.
So what do you think of my art?  Junk pile?

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

(Almost Picture-less) Weekend Recap (Sorry!)

Our weekend started with a bang on Friday and I have to admit it - I was one lucky lady!  I could have been shut in Saturday-Sunday and it still would have been amazing (but thankfully I wasn't).  

I left work on Friday and met up with my hubby to get me golf clubs.  Why the sudden need for golf clubs?  Well it started last weekend when we were out at one of the local pubs having a couple beers and watching the hockey playoffs and we decided we need a husband/wife sport hobby.  My husband is smart enough to know that any sport I partake in on the weekends would have to involve alcohol and he is quite a fan of golf.  Golf and booze go really well together so it was kind of a no-brainer.  I mentioned that a friend of ours had her set for sale on Facebook so we inquired and made a deal.  When I saw them on Friday I noticed the purple accents right away - can you say meant to be?
After picking up my new clubs we went and bought my new laptop.  It's awesome.  It's definitely a learning curve!

Saturday was a big day - hubby's grandma turned 95! The whole family got together and we surprised her for lunch at one of her favourite restaurants.  I admit that I was nervous - a surprise party at 95? - but she loved it.  The look on her face was adorable!

Surprise!  Isn't Grandma the cutest??

My husband with his brothers
Hubby and me with the birthday girl

After the birthday celebrations we headed to the driving range to try our new hobby and my bag has the perfect pocket for road pops.  We had a blast and are even thinking of taking lessons.  And I guess I get to start collecting a golf wardrobe, hello shopping, my other favorite sport ;)  We stopped for dinner and drinks and then headed back to carry on at home.

Since the weather was so nice I took Milo out to a park near the water, funny think about our pooch is that he gets really excited and runs straight into the water... and stops when he gets 3-4 inches in and won't dare go any further.  He will never be a swimmer.  

I downloaded a couple more photos from the driving range and my walk with Milo but I have no idea where I put them.  Definitely a learning curve on this new toy of mine!  I promise to figure it out soon :-)

Monday, 19 May 2014

Meal Plan Monday

Oh Monday here you are again and it seems like just yesterday it  was Friday.  Well I guess that was two yesterdays ago but still you just arrive too damn quick.  At the same time, you seem to go away pretty quick and bring me that much closer to Friday again.  The never-ending cycle that is life.

So I am officially back in the blogging game - and I am a sponsor this month on Boone+Owl so go check it out!  Jen is taking part in a Canon Rebel T3i so head on over and enter to win!!  Or don't because then I have a better chance of winning ;)

We had a pretty eventful weekend and I am planning to do a recap but honestly I just haven't had time  but will get to it tomorrow.  I will tell you that I finally got a MacBook Air on Friday and I am soooo in love with it!  In. Love. Completely. Obsessed.  And it was on my shiny new MacBook that I get to play pretend designer with our meal plan for this week:

As you may remember we have been in a dinner menu rut.  It has to be quick and it has to be tasty... and so it tended to be super boring and the same 5-6 dishes every week.  I'm a boring eater and I was bored.  Anyway a friend of mine recommended a cookbook and I am trying two new recipes this week!

Sunday: We were planning to have tuna stuffed pitas but I actually wasn't feeling that great and the only thing that didn't turn my stomach was the classic comfort food KD mac 'n cheese.  

Monday: tonight we're having chicken baked in a mixture of salsa, peanut sauce and fresh basil... this is one of those new recipes and it sounds weird to me but comes highly recommended... I'm going to serve the chicken on rice with a green salad on the side.

Tuesday: Marinated flank steak with sautéed mushrooms, roasted green beans and coleslaw.

Wednesday: Tuna stuffed pita shells... basically tuna salad with lots of veggies stuffed in whole wheat pita shells.

Thursday: BFD - I found bacon on super sale this weekend so bacon and eggs are a must!

Friday: Dinner out :)

What are you eating this week?

Thursday, 15 May 2014

The Story of My Life

I take her home, I drive all night to keep her warm... Yes, I am singing (well writing) a One Direction song.  And I'm not completely ashamed of it!  A colleague was saying he didn't know any One Direction songs and so I turned to my phone because of course I have not only one but two 1D tunes rocking in my playlist.  And you know what?  'Story of my Life' is my favorite.  I especially enjoy belting it out in my backyard by the fire after a bottle of wine or three.  Ahhh good (drunken) times.

But I did actually come across the story of my life... Or at least the perfect quote for it:


I am in love with my bed (how many times have I mentioned naps here?) and I have the perfect amount of pillows (3) and they are all the perfect consistency.  But my alarm clock does come between us, so much so that I turned the alarm off on my phone.  But this is real life and I'm not independently wealthy so I do have a job, but my husband is now my alarm clock and he is a total morning person. So as cheesy as it sounds, it's almost bearable to wake up to him kissing my cheek, smoothing my hair off my face or lightly rubbing my back.  Almost... If I had the choice to ignore him and snuggle back in I would;). Thankfully one of us is a morning person!

What quote tells the story of your life?

Sunday, 11 May 2014

Celebrating My Mom(s)

Happy Mother's Day to my Mom, Mom #2 (my MIL), my sister and sister-in-laws who are moms as well as all the moms to be!  And furbaby moms!  When I was planning our Mother's Day lunch, my mom's only request was to go somewhere near the water, and seeing as we live in a huge port one would think that would be easy.  Not so much.  There are plenty of restaurants with water views, but only two that get you really close to the water. One has a huge amazing patio but the worst service (because of their patio they are always really busy and always have been) but the other restaurant has been open a year and is fabulous.  We lucked out with amazing weather and sat right on the outside edge of the patio with a view of the water.  It was perfect.

Hubby and his mom

This celebration called for Prosecco!

The best woman I know, love you Mom

My man enjoying the view

We had a great time, lots of chatting and laughing, and enjoying the delicious food... I loved my eggs benny with cream cheese so much that I didn't even think about taking a photo, I just wanted it in my mouth!  So I didn't take a single food photo, sorry, but we are definitely going back so there will be another chance.

Hubby and I are both so lucky to have these amazing women in our lives, who love and support us always.  I feel especially lucky because not only do I have my mom, who I can never thank enough for all she has done for me and my sisters and the strength she had after my dad died, but I have also been blessed with a wonderful mother-in-law who welcomed me into the family with open arms.  I am thankful that were able to celebrate with our Moms on this special day.

I hope everyone had wonderful day as well!