Thursday, 30 April 2015

My First Mama-to-Be Panic Attack

Now that I have officially announced that our lives are about to be blown apart (and we couldn’t be more excited to welcome our babe), I can now share my first official panic attack as a mom-to-be. And yes I am fully aware it won’t be my last.

We decided we want to start purchasing items so we are spending money along the way and not all at once in a scramble before baby arrives. This also gives me time to research the crap out of what we’re looking for so it’s a win-win. It was a toss-up between starting with the nursery or the car seat and if we chose the nursery I would have had to clean out the room. It’s full of crap. I know I still have to but I’m kind of hoping I can push it off until I’m too big and can only direct things hehe.

Car seat it was.

I looked online and I went into stores and read blogs and after first reading about Stephanie’s experience I was completely sold. Then to make me feel even better about my decision, it showed up on Corrine’s baby registry list.

So last Saturday afternoon my hubby and I bought our first important baby purchase – the MaxiCosi Mico AP infant seat. And as soon as we (ha – he) loaded the box in and drove away, I started to panic and my chest tightened. Then I frantically texted the group chat my mom and sisters and I have going constantly:

I was assured by all that we made a great choice and after re-reading Stephanie and Corrinne’s posts (a couple times) I am once again very happy with our purchase. And I have to say, it's not only safe, lightweight, functional, etc... it's also pretty darn cute!


And now to decide on our stroller…

Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Oh Baby!


We're having a baby!

The last few weeks have been so amazing and my hubby and I are so excited to share (seriously, he’s been asking me when I will announce since 8 weeks!) that we are expecting a little babe of our own in October. We are so excited for everything that is to come!

As a first time mom I want to remember everything that’s happening so I plan to do weekly bump dates (yes, I am going to be one of those but I love reading others and I want to always have a record of my own) and am starting today. I told you something was going to bring me back here on the regular J

How far along: 14 weeks

Size of Baby: a lemon

Gender: we don’t know yet and I don’t think we can find out until 20 weeks (which we will do) but something insides me is screaming boy.

Symptoms: complete exhaustion, headaches, a stuffy nose and lots of bloat. I was really lucky to skip the morning sickness until the very last day of my first trimester, my little babe couldn’t let me off too easy!

Stretch marks: I am alternating between Bio Oil and Gaia Belly Butter and fingers crossed they help to keep them away!

Sleep: most nights I sleep like the dead and am a hot furnace while doing so. I am using a body pillow but looking into actual pregnancy pillow options because it’s just not cutting it. I am leaning towards the snoogle, any suggestions on which pillow is best?

Husband: my husband is already thinking of possible Halloween costumes for our little one (he refuses to think it could possibly come late) and is also starting to be more caring and attentive when I’m not feeling the greatest. I think it was hard for him to understand at first when he couldn’t see anything happening to me on the outside, but since seeing the latest ultrasound photos I think he gets that there actually is a babe in there. (same thing happened to me but probably on a bigger scale because I was actually there!) 

Belly Button: in (I don’t even have a bump yet)

Movement: Not even a flutter.

Cravings: I haven't really had cravings but yesterday during a meeting I envisioned a Panago chicken club pizza and it was all I could think about.

Maternity Clothes: at 8 weeks I started rocking Old Navy maternity leggings and maxi skirts. My stomach was so sensitive that nothing constricting could touch it. Now the sensitivity is gone but the leggings are so darn comfy! I pull out a belly band to wear with my jeans every once in a while but I am beyond excited to finally get my bump!

Best Part of The Week: sitting on the couch a crossing one of my legs in front of me and feeling something hard in my tummy. It’s really there!

Worst Part of the Week: getting out of bed in the morning. Why doesn’t pregnancy come with an automatic prescription for sleeping in??

Missing Most: wine. And tequila (in margaritas). But mostly wine.

Looking Forward To: for our doctor appointment in two weeks when my hubby will hear the heartbeat for the first time. Due to timing and location, he was not able to be at either ultrasound so I am excited for him to finally get that experience with the baby. Also, sleeping in this weekend.

14 weeks and first photo for this Pinterest project

Monday, 27 April 2015

I Only Instagrammed Twice this Weekend!?

I was kind of on a roll last week and was all excited to be back in the blogging game when BAM – I got sick. Maybe not sick but something isn’t right with me and I spent the majority of the weekend in bed because of it. And obviously didn’t prep any posts I was planning for this coming week. Booo.

It all started Saturday evening when I got a really bad headache right above my right eyebrow. I could pinpoint the exact location where the throbbing pain was coming from but I couldn’t do anything to relieve it. I tried to take my mind off it by cleaning out my closet but that didn’t really help and around 9:00pm I gave up and crawled into bed with Jinx and Milo.

Sunday I woke up and still had the same headache! Hubby brought me water and drugs (over the counter kind;) and made a cold compress for my forehead. I stayed in bed til noon then dragged myself downstairs to get started with the day. After about an hour I had to sit down because I was so dizzy and exhausted. Hubby then made me a protein shake and sent me back to bed. I got up again around 4:00pm and managed to get our lunches made but didn’t have the energy to stick to our meal plan and make chili for dinner. I wanted grilled cheese and tomato soup and thankfully, my guy was happy to oblige. I lasted a few hours and then was back in bed early and despite being scared I wouldn’t be able to sleep after all the hours I had already logged, I was out in minutes. I woke up groggy this morning and let me tell you, this Monday was a tough one to crack. But I did it.

And that, in a nutshell, was my weekend. Now I will stop feeling sorry for myself and share a couple pics that I took. Because if you’re not on Instagram then do you really exist??

Someone thought my time could be better spent...
He resigned himself to the fact but didn't make it easy!
Trader Joe's tomato soup and grilled cheese made with fresh french bread and Kraft singles - SO GOOD!

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Friday, 24 April 2015

Can't Live Without It

I am pretty well known for being completely addicted to one thing – chapstick/lipgloss/whatever you want to call it. I would use whatever including eos, Chapstick, Burt’s Bees, organic, drugstore brand … if I was ever without I would buy whatever I could find. I have one in every purse, in my car, in the TV room, on my bedside table (I even keep coconut by the bath!)…

And then one day last fall my lips started burning. On fire. They were red and irritated and literally burning and nothing could make them feel better. I started carrying coconut oil around in a little container but my lips kept sucking it up too fast. I looked like a freak slathering the stuff on every ten minutes or so. I knew I was addicted but was in too much discomfort to just stop.

One day at work I couldn’t concentrate at all and started to google search, trying to find something that would help me. Everything kept saying chapstick or Vaseline or coconut oil and I was screaming in my head, NO, NONE OF THAT IS HELPING ME!!! Finally I found a random post somewhere that suggested using Aquaphor Healing Ointment. I hadn’t heard of it before so I was obviously going to try it – I grabbed my keys and headed out to the nearest Walmart. They didn’t have it. Then the grocery store. They were out. Finally I headed to Shoppers Drug Mart and thankfully they had some. I opened it right there in the aisle and applied it to my lips.

It was Heaven.

Seriously. It was as if my lips had finally found water after being stranded in a desert for days.


Slowly but surely Aquaphor (or Super-Chaps as my hubby and I like to call it) got my lips back to normal and I have started to use Chapstick and Burt’s Bees again during the day. I have to tubes of Aquaphor, one I keep by my bed and I use it morning and night, plus one I keep in my “active” purse so I always have some if needed. I try not to rely on it too much though because I am terrified of the day when I become immune to it. It’s bound to happen. And then what the heck am I going to do??

I can’t even think about it.

What can't you live without?

Happy Friday Folks - stay tuned for some exciting news next week!!!

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Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Book Review: You by Caroline Kepnes

I first heard about this book on one of my favourite podcasts, For Crying Out Loud, and the hosts raved about it the entire time they were reading it. One host was reading the book and one was listening the audio book, both ladies loved it no matter how they were ‘reading’ it and because I have a couple credits burning a hole in my account (I really need to remember to cancel my monthly subscription!!) I decided to download the audio version for some entertainment to and from work. FYI they picked the perfect guy to read it, I got shivers. Also this book was 6+ hours so definitely worth the Audible credit.

I am always nervous about writing book reviews because I don’t want to give too much away but I don’t want to not say anything either. Hopefully I don’t ruin anything for anyone!

There are two main characters in book, Joe and Beck. After a random meeting and subsequent obsession, Joe uses modern technology to stalk and somewhat control Beck’s life. He’s creepy and crazy but somehow also kind and sexy. I went back and forth between disgust and compassion for him, and feeling sorry for and wanting to slap her. It was a roller coaster of emotions and sometimes even though you know what he is doing is so wrong, you kind of root for him. Read (or listen to it!) and you will see.


The ladies actually had Caroline Kepnes on the show to talk about the book and she said at this point she is planning a trilogy, so we should expect two more books and I for sure will be reading them.

I really enjoyed this book but it was creepy, and I think I would read it again in a couple years but hopefully I don’t have to and can read the new books instead. And now to figure out how my library’s app works for online books because I love listening to them while driving!

What are some favourites you have read lately?

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

My Hop Across the Pond

Wow, I have gotten really bad at this blogging thing. BUT I think that will change soon (like actually change for real) and hopefully I can share next week. And I need to remember that I created this space for me and I don’t want it to be a chore, I want it to be a place where I enjoy sharing my thoughts.
So where was I last week? A quick trip across the pond!

Three colleagues and I traveled to Southampton in the UK (an hour drive east of London) for a conference. The trip to London was awful, the plane was completely full and I didn’t get any sleep which resulted in my being awake for 20+ hours and when I finally did pass out at 10:00pm Sunday evening, I slept right through the night and woke up feeling pretty good. I didn’t have any jet lag all week, yay! (Slightly different story coming home but a much better flight).

Immediately after landing we headed to Caffe Nero in the airport for some caffeine before hitting the road in a rental car. If you're in the UK and can't find a Starbucks (or don't like them) check out CN!

I didn’t think anything about Southampton until we got there and I found out that the Titanic sailed from there! It was both so cool and terribly tragic to stand in the spot where so many people set off on what they thought would be a wonderful journey. There is a memorial at the entrance to the docks and people still visit and lay wreaths… it is very much a part of the city’s history. And I am sure there are other lovely parts of the city and it has an in depth history but I didn’t get a lot of free time to wander around.

The Titanic memorial outside the entrance to the docks

One of the many beautiful buildings we saw
The conference was great, it was the first time I travelled out of North America with this company and I met so many people. I spent some time in the booth, watched presentations and went out on a couple of boat demonstrations.
I guess this presentation was boring...

Friday morning I flew home and am so thankful that I had the weekend to recover (i.e. sleep). So we didn’t have a very exciting weekend – I slept and ate a lot of fruit. I am over hotel food for a while.

I did discover elderflower water and I looooved it – so refreshing! I didn’t speak to a single Brit who liked it though; it seems only foreigners are fans. I was also told you can’t get it in Canada so if anyone knows where I can, please tell me.  Elderflower and pear still water was my favourite.

My first elderflower experience!

I ordered a ginger ale - the bottle was 3 inches tall (check out the hand pouring behind)

I was invited to some amazing meals and my favourite of all was this hot chocolate and homemade coconut cookie. I may or may not have asked for extras and eaten all 4 when they arrived at the table.

Thursday, 9 April 2015

I'm Sorry I'm So Boring

I miss this blog but lately I haven't really had much desire to write anything. My mind is constantly on the move but right now, I feel like I have nothing interesting to say. I have a list of topics I want to write about but when it comes down to it, I'm just too damn lazy to type. To take pictures. I just want to read and be entertained. 

I'm so tired at the end of the day that if it's my night to cook dinner (thank the Lord my husband shares this chore with me) I am not trying anything new, I am doing the fastest easiest thing I already know how to do. So no new recipes are happening at our house. And sometimes I really wish my hubby was ok with a box of kraft dinner or something but he needs so. much. food. He is a real meat and potatoes kind of guy plus he has a very physical job so dinner is big for him. I could have a bowl of shreddies and go to sleep happy.

I'm kind of bored of TV. I finished binge-watching Friends on Netflix and now I'm not really loving anything on Netflix or even on actual TV. I want to watch a mindless comedy that makes me laugh... I hate that the Mindy show is already on summer hiatus. Big Brother Canada is on 3 times a week but I'm still getting into it and don't have a solid pick yet. Plus some of the effects they added this season are supremely annoying - and if the producers are reading this right now - I am talking about the hand crack to show nominations. Stupid. 

I leave this coming Saturday for a conference in Southampton, UK and unlike previous companies I actually arrive two days before it starts so I won't be a zombie. And then I fly home on Friday at 11:30am and arrive at 2:30pm so will get to enjoy (read: sleep and recover from jetlag) the weekend. I have no clue what to pack for this conference, wealso have a uniform of 'black bottoms and corporate shirt'. The corporate button down shirts will be distributed when we get there I'm not sure my signature black leggings will work with it. Tonight should be fun times raiding my closet. 

Anyone know of anything fun to do in Southampton?

My girlfriend had a baby last night! It's a book club baby and we have all been on pins and needles for two reasons:

1) she was supposed to be induced last Thursday and after getting bumped a couple times was finally admitted but no medicine would work so she ended up with a c-section last night. The hospital was understaffed and it sounded like a nightmare.

2) we had no idea what she was having!!! 

It's a boy and mom and baby are happy and healthy.

My sister and nephews are visiting my mom for a few days and last night we took Milo out for a walk by the water. It was awesome spring weather and so fun to see the boys, they are growing up so fast! In my head the baby is still more of a baby but no, he starts kindergarten in September.

And there you have it, some random thoughts from Sarah today. I'm sorry I'm so boring.

Oh and of course - the obligatory cute photo:

Because everyone loves puppies

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Why Isn't Every Weekend a Long Weekend?

Why hello there Blogland, yes I am alive. And I don’t even have a good excuse for being radio silent. Even though last week was a short one I still couldn’t gather up the energy to show up even once and I do apologize. We will see how this week goes, no promises.

Work was busy last week as usual and I hosted my last breakfast event until late September and it feels amazing to have that off my plate. I know it’s an amazing group of people with networking opportunities and if I was in mid-twenties I would be killing it, but at this stage of my life all I want to do is go home at the end of the day and hang out with my family or occasionally my friends. So my third (unpaid) job is over for the time being and I am excited for the break.

Now I can focus on my day job and get back in the groove with the wine sales… spring has sprung and patios are opening and people are enjoying vino in the sun. Or even if it’s raining. People need the happy juice no matter what the weather and I need to try and get them to drink Ruby Blues.

But before that happens I thoroughly enjoyed a four day long weekend (yes I had yesterday off as well!) and actually accomplished a lot considering my plan going into it was pajamas, Netflix and food on repeat.


My mom and I braved Ikea. Coffee was needed. And it rained. Pretty sure I napped at some point.


More rain but it stopped long enough for Milo and I to head down for a walk by the water. And then I ran errands (note to self: do not grocery shop the day before Easter Sunday. Total chaos). There was a couch nap here too.

Sunday - Happy Easter!

I woke up to a chocolate hunt. My hubby hid a bunny rabbit in the fuse box and a box of chocolate caramels by the hot water tank. These were actually good spots because I would not have gotten them without clues.

He was also spoiled but I raided the Target Canada sales over the last month so I got pretty good deals.

I even made brunch for us: Egg Baskets!  I added hollandaise sauce this time and it was amazing. I will never not include it again. You can find the recipe here – just add hollandaise.

Then we took advantage of the amazing weather and potted some flowers for our porch. Hubby also trimmed our front tree – we planted a 3 foot tall shrub the first summer we were together and it’s crazy to see how much it has grown in the past 6 years (this will be the 7th summer!).

I probably should have taken an after shot in addition to the ‘work in progress’ photo… baby steps.

Hubby's haul

Egg Baskets for Easter Brunch!

Front porch planters

Trimming our tree

Milo 'helping' to clean up the branches... by throwing them around and chewing on them

I was sad when Monday rolled around but took advantage of having the house to myself.
It looked a lot like this and I finally caught up on my Netflix.

 I hope you all had a wonderful Easter weekend!

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