Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Oh Baby!


We're having a baby!

The last few weeks have been so amazing and my hubby and I are so excited to share (seriously, he’s been asking me when I will announce since 8 weeks!) that we are expecting a little babe of our own in October. We are so excited for everything that is to come!

As a first time mom I want to remember everything that’s happening so I plan to do weekly bump dates (yes, I am going to be one of those but I love reading others and I want to always have a record of my own) and am starting today. I told you something was going to bring me back here on the regular J

How far along: 14 weeks

Size of Baby: a lemon

Gender: we don’t know yet and I don’t think we can find out until 20 weeks (which we will do) but something insides me is screaming boy.

Symptoms: complete exhaustion, headaches, a stuffy nose and lots of bloat. I was really lucky to skip the morning sickness until the very last day of my first trimester, my little babe couldn’t let me off too easy!

Stretch marks: I am alternating between Bio Oil and Gaia Belly Butter and fingers crossed they help to keep them away!

Sleep: most nights I sleep like the dead and am a hot furnace while doing so. I am using a body pillow but looking into actual pregnancy pillow options because it’s just not cutting it. I am leaning towards the snoogle, any suggestions on which pillow is best?

Husband: my husband is already thinking of possible Halloween costumes for our little one (he refuses to think it could possibly come late) and is also starting to be more caring and attentive when I’m not feeling the greatest. I think it was hard for him to understand at first when he couldn’t see anything happening to me on the outside, but since seeing the latest ultrasound photos I think he gets that there actually is a babe in there. (same thing happened to me but probably on a bigger scale because I was actually there!) 

Belly Button: in (I don’t even have a bump yet)

Movement: Not even a flutter.

Cravings: I haven't really had cravings but yesterday during a meeting I envisioned a Panago chicken club pizza and it was all I could think about.

Maternity Clothes: at 8 weeks I started rocking Old Navy maternity leggings and maxi skirts. My stomach was so sensitive that nothing constricting could touch it. Now the sensitivity is gone but the leggings are so darn comfy! I pull out a belly band to wear with my jeans every once in a while but I am beyond excited to finally get my bump!

Best Part of The Week: sitting on the couch a crossing one of my legs in front of me and feeling something hard in my tummy. It’s really there!

Worst Part of the Week: getting out of bed in the morning. Why doesn’t pregnancy come with an automatic prescription for sleeping in??

Missing Most: wine. And tequila (in margaritas). But mostly wine.

Looking Forward To: for our doctor appointment in two weeks when my hubby will hear the heartbeat for the first time. Due to timing and location, he was not able to be at either ultrasound so I am excited for him to finally get that experience with the baby. Also, sleeping in this weekend.

14 weeks and first photo for this Pinterest project


  1. I have a bumpnest pillow and really like it. I'm almost 19 weeks and don't have a big bump yet so I only use it every now and then because it does take up a lot of room in the bed. I tend to sleep better when I do use it though.

  2. So exciting! Congratulations on your little lemon!!!


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