Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Book Review: You by Caroline Kepnes

I first heard about this book on one of my favourite podcasts, For Crying Out Loud, and the hosts raved about it the entire time they were reading it. One host was reading the book and one was listening the audio book, both ladies loved it no matter how they were ‘reading’ it and because I have a couple credits burning a hole in my account (I really need to remember to cancel my monthly subscription!!) I decided to download the audio version for some entertainment to and from work. FYI they picked the perfect guy to read it, I got shivers. Also this book was 6+ hours so definitely worth the Audible credit.

I am always nervous about writing book reviews because I don’t want to give too much away but I don’t want to not say anything either. Hopefully I don’t ruin anything for anyone!

There are two main characters in book, Joe and Beck. After a random meeting and subsequent obsession, Joe uses modern technology to stalk and somewhat control Beck’s life. He’s creepy and crazy but somehow also kind and sexy. I went back and forth between disgust and compassion for him, and feeling sorry for and wanting to slap her. It was a roller coaster of emotions and sometimes even though you know what he is doing is so wrong, you kind of root for him. Read (or listen to it!) and you will see.


The ladies actually had Caroline Kepnes on the show to talk about the book and she said at this point she is planning a trilogy, so we should expect two more books and I for sure will be reading them.

I really enjoyed this book but it was creepy, and I think I would read it again in a couple years but hopefully I don’t have to and can read the new books instead. And now to figure out how my library’s app works for online books because I love listening to them while driving!

What are some favourites you have read lately?

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