Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Why Isn't Every Weekend a Long Weekend?

Why hello there Blogland, yes I am alive. And I don’t even have a good excuse for being radio silent. Even though last week was a short one I still couldn’t gather up the energy to show up even once and I do apologize. We will see how this week goes, no promises.

Work was busy last week as usual and I hosted my last breakfast event until late September and it feels amazing to have that off my plate. I know it’s an amazing group of people with networking opportunities and if I was in mid-twenties I would be killing it, but at this stage of my life all I want to do is go home at the end of the day and hang out with my family or occasionally my friends. So my third (unpaid) job is over for the time being and I am excited for the break.

Now I can focus on my day job and get back in the groove with the wine sales… spring has sprung and patios are opening and people are enjoying vino in the sun. Or even if it’s raining. People need the happy juice no matter what the weather and I need to try and get them to drink Ruby Blues.

But before that happens I thoroughly enjoyed a four day long weekend (yes I had yesterday off as well!) and actually accomplished a lot considering my plan going into it was pajamas, Netflix and food on repeat.


My mom and I braved Ikea. Coffee was needed. And it rained. Pretty sure I napped at some point.


More rain but it stopped long enough for Milo and I to head down for a walk by the water. And then I ran errands (note to self: do not grocery shop the day before Easter Sunday. Total chaos). There was a couch nap here too.

Sunday - Happy Easter!

I woke up to a chocolate hunt. My hubby hid a bunny rabbit in the fuse box and a box of chocolate caramels by the hot water tank. These were actually good spots because I would not have gotten them without clues.

He was also spoiled but I raided the Target Canada sales over the last month so I got pretty good deals.

I even made brunch for us: Egg Baskets!  I added hollandaise sauce this time and it was amazing. I will never not include it again. You can find the recipe here – just add hollandaise.

Then we took advantage of the amazing weather and potted some flowers for our porch. Hubby also trimmed our front tree – we planted a 3 foot tall shrub the first summer we were together and it’s crazy to see how much it has grown in the past 6 years (this will be the 7th summer!).

I probably should have taken an after shot in addition to the ‘work in progress’ photo… baby steps.

Hubby's haul

Egg Baskets for Easter Brunch!

Front porch planters

Trimming our tree

Milo 'helping' to clean up the branches... by throwing them around and chewing on them

I was sad when Monday rolled around but took advantage of having the house to myself.
It looked a lot like this and I finally caught up on my Netflix.

 I hope you all had a wonderful Easter weekend!

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  1. I vote we make all weekends long weekends. It just seems right.


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