Tuesday, 24 March 2015

My Favourite Party Punch

I am loving punch lately. Punch on its own or mixed with some bubbly is just so enjoyable. I decided we needed punch for B's bridal shower so obviously I turned to Pinterest. This recipe looked tasty so it was my starting point. And the final product was a hit.


- 1 can frozen lemonade (thawed)
- 1 can frozen orange juice (thawed)
- 2L lemon-lime soda
- 2 cups cranberry juice
- 3-4 cups ice
- lemon and orange slices for garnish

 - Pour liquids into a bowl and mix well.
- add ice
- add garnish. I missed this step. No one noticed.

 I was following the original recipe I found but after mixing the main liquids I decided to taste it before adding the sugar. It didn't need a drop of sugar. I also didn't add the water the recipe called for because there wasn't enough room in the bowl (none of us have a punch bowl so we were making do). I figured the ice would melt into it and it did.

This will be my go to punch recipe from now on and I think all my future parties will need punch. And I guess that means I need a punch bowl. Who doesn't love an excuse to go an shopping?

What is your go-to party drink?
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  1. Punch is my favorite! This looks so good!

  2. This punch sounds so good, especially with the cranberry juice. I'll have to try this! Thank you for sharing with us at Delicious Dish Tuesday! We look forward to seeing what you share with us next week! :D


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