Friday, 13 March 2015

My Thoughts on Vanderpump Rules Season 4 Finale

My Vanderpump Rules binge watching has come to an end. I tried to spread them out a bit more but I just couldn't do it, and I am now going to have to suffer through the long wait for season 5. Is there a season 5??
Except for the reunion, saving that for this weekend.
In honour of my new obsession and Friday, I thought I would share my thoughts on the season 4 finale. 
1) Kristen is a shit show. BUT from what I saw, she didn't actually cause any drama at Scheana's reception until James became a drunken ass and she hit him in the parking lot. In my opinion James caused the drama. And deserved the punch.
But Kristen is a crazy psycho shit show. I would be terrified if I were Tom Sandoval.

2) Ahhh Tom Sandoval... I totally think he slept with that chick in Miami. But he and Ariana seem really happy and she doesn't care if it happened or not. It was cute when he asked her to move in with him but he kind of seems like a serial cheater.

3) Stassi is a freak. I originally started watching right before she found out that Jax and Kristen had slept together and I felt sorry for her... then I watched all the seasons (before and after) and that chick is an entitled beotch. She annoys me.

4) Jax is a douche and doesn't deserve a gif.

5) Katie and Tom Schwartz are my favourites. I think I'm supposed to dislike Schwartz because he was a cheating loser but once he was busted and they went to therapy he seems like he really does want to be better. Except for the whole ring on a string thing... that was a bad move. I don't blame Katie for giving him the 6 month deadline but I hope so damn much that he gets his shit together in time. But he does need to do two things: never wear the 'tie' he wore to Scheana's wedding again, and stop calling Katie 'Bubby' - ugh.

And that's about all I have for you.

I hope your Friday is as sunny as mine, time to start the countdown to the weekend! 
Oh and I need Lisa's wine glass.

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Cheers to Friday!
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  1. I'm a *bit* obsessed with Vanderpump Rules and very sad it's coming to an end for this season!! I won't spoil anything but Part 1 of the reunion was pretty good, so you're in for a treat this weekend! I completely agree that Kristen is certifiably insane and both Tom and Ariana should watch their backs!! And I am so, so over Stassi - if she's so "above" the whole group, why did she even agree to be on this season!? Other than the fact that I guess it's really the only job she has right now - haha. Have a great weekend!

  2. What is this that you speak of?

  3. I am reading this on a Monday and not a Friday, but this has already made my week better! I heart VP Rules!


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