Monday, 16 March 2015

If There are No Photos Did it Really Happen?

We actually had a really good weekend but for some reason I didn't take any relevant photos.
I didn't take photos of any of the following:
- the delicious White Spot dinner we devoured while watching Horrible Bosses 2 on Friday night
- the coffee I received in bed Saturday morning while I watched Hart of Dixie and snuggled with Jinx
- the shopping excursions to Old Navy, Chapters (book store) and Walmart where my amazing hubby bought me a new iPad. Wait, I did take one pic!
- more tasty food (have you ever tried honey garlic pork? DELISH!)
- planting seeds for the vegetable garden I attempt every summer
- umpteen loads of laundry (that I still haven't finished)
- Sons of Anarchy season 7 bingeing
And that's about it. We ate too much food and watched too much TV. Wouldn't have it any other way.
Because every post should have a cute photo :)
Happy Monday friends!

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  1. I feel like in the blog world if there are no photos it didn't happen! I'm terrible at taking weekend photos because I just get so caught up in what I'm doing I forget to bring my camera or to snap shots even with my phone. And I hope you enjoy SOA season 7! I wish it never ended.


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