Tuesday, 17 March 2015

I’m Thankful My Mom is My Mom

I have an awesome Mom. I know that many people have awesome moms but I really only know mine and I am so thankful for her. Luckily I live close to my parents and either of them is there in a flash if I need them. And yesterday I needed I needed my mom.
Sunday night my hubby made us hamburgers for dinner and I finished about 2/3 of mine. I gave the rest to Milo (just the patty not any of the bun or fixings). Cut to Monday morning and as Milo lay on our bed while I got ready to go to work, his tummy was making some crazy sounds. Loud indigestion type sounds. But he seemed ok, he was doing his usual lazy morning routine, waiting until I go downstairs which he knows is the cue for food, meaning I basically trip over him as he races me to the kitchen.
But yesterday when I was read to head downstairs, he followed me and went straight to his bed in the living room. This was not normal. I put out Jinx’s food and expected Milo to jump up as I approached his dish but he just watched me put down his doggie meatloaf. And stayed in his bed. I literally don’t think this has ever happened before.
I was worried. I had to go to work. Hubby had to go to work and although he is normally home between 2-3pm, had a long day and wouldn’t be home until after 4pm. Had Milo seemed ill I would have taken him to the vet but he was acting normal, he just didn’t want to eat and his tummy was making the sounds. Basically I knew that he was going to need to go outside at some point to feel better and making him wait until 4pm (or later!) seemed very cruel.
So I called my mom.
I called and asked if she could stop by and let Milo out in a couple hours, check on him to see if he was still doing ok and if he finally ate his breakfast. (I guess I am also thankful that my mom is retired, although she seems a lot busier these days!). My mom went to our house and as soon as she walked in the door Milo went crazy – my mom walks him every Wednesday afternoon with one of her girlfriends – and he assumed he was going out with her. And he seemed fine so she took him out to one of his favourite dog parks and let him run around for an hour.
She took him home and he ran in and gobbled up his breakfast.
And then she called me to let me know that my little guy was ok.
Things like that is just one of the many reasons I am so thankful that my mom is my mom.
Oh and Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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  1. I keep saying she seems twice as busy now that she is retired BUT now she is busy doing stuff she loves. She is absolutely the best!!


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