Friday, 31 July 2015

A Baby P Moment

The cutest thing happened last night or more accurately this morning see as it was around 4:45am but that’s beside the point. I just don’t want to forget these little moments and that is exactly why I have this space.

Milo woke me up at 4:45 (yes AM the little f*****) and when I let him outside to do his business our cat Jinx abandoned his porch bed and decided to come in and snuggle with us. We all went back up to our bedroom (where hubby was of course blissfully asleep) and climbed back into our appropriate beds. I wrapped myself around my snoogle with the long part of the pillow supporting my belly.  Jinx is also a big fan of the snoogle and loves to lay right on top of it. This time he lay on top of it right along my belly and started to purr.
The sweetest thing happened next.

After a few moments of Jinx purring our baby girl started to kick. They were right next to each other and it was like they were having their own little cuddle with him purring and her kicking away. I laid still so I wouldn’t disturb them and eventually fell back asleep.

Now I have no clue if she was able to feel his purring or if he was able to feel her kicks but I like to think that they did. And I can’t wait for more little moments like these.

What will it be like when they finally meet each other? I hope they are the best of friends

Have a wonderful weekend everyone! Monday is a holiday here and we are heading up to the Okanagan to spend a week with my hubby’s family at the cabin.

Thursday, 30 July 2015

Bumpdate: 27 Weeks

Seriously – how is it that I am in the last week of my second trimester?? It’s like I blinked in March and life sped up quadruple time! I have so many things I want to do before she gets here… I see a bucket list in my (very near) future!

A 27 week bump collage courtesy of time wasted spent playing with Pic Monkey

Sidenote: I was clearly not thinking about taking photos today because I wore my super comfy flats (ie. old and 'broken in') and a not so flattering dress that won't be worn again for bumpdates!

How far along: 27 weeks

Size of Baby: a rutabaga / 14", 2.5lbs

WTF is a rutabaga??

Gender: All girl all the way

Symptoms: sleepy and scatterbrained, unable to focus.

Stretch marks: so far so good.

Sleep: still sleeping really well!

Husband: has started calling Baby P his “babe-ins”

Belly Button: still completely in – maybe it won’t pop?

Movement: I feel most of her activity early in the morning (as in 5am when I make trip #3 or #4 to the bathroom) or later at night when AC is blasting cold air on me and I am about to pass out. Pretty quiet the rest of the time or I’m just not feeling it because of that who anterior placenta thing.

Cravings: this is new – I want all the clementines!! I saw a cowoker eating an apple and had an intense need for a piece of fresh fruit so another colleague gave me a clementine and that juicy goodness has imprinted on my brain. I haven't been able to buy any yet so I am literally waiting until she gets out a meeting with my fingers crossed that she has more. If she doesn’t I have no clue what I will do. Mayhem is possible. Crying is likely.

Maternity Clothes: another heat wave rolled in so dresses all day every day.

Best Part of The Week: as of tomorrow at 2:00pm I am on holidays for a week. Cabin life here we come!

Worst Part of the Week: starting the gestational diabetes testing. Boooooo.

Missing Most: sleeping through the night. And wine.

Looking Forward To: next week and all the nothing I plan to do.

Monday, 27 July 2015

Weekend Recap: B's Bachelorette Weekend

This weekend was a lot busier than usual but it was also a lot more fun because both sisters were in town to celebrate my younger sister B’s upcoming wedding. All of her best friends came together to laugh and cry (maybe that was just the bride-to-be but I get it, these things are emotional), eat too much, drink too much but most of all just have fun with one of our most favourite people.

I have to give major props to my older sister G who planned the whole bachelorette weekend, from figuring out accommodation, working with everyone’s schedules (essentially herding cats), planning events (and back-up plans thanks to all the rain), making sure there was always enough food and drink, down to the tiny details of decorations, gifts for everyone, games and everything that you tend not to even think about when planning an event like this. I know how much effort she put into it and I am so happy that everything went so well.

As the preggo I was of course the lame sister and while I wish I had been able to partake in the wine and mimosas and day-drinking (it was a real struggle for a wino like me), I still had fun and wouldn’t have missed it for the world. And at least I know I will always remember it ;) I did go home and sleep in my own bed and I skipped the Saturday day-drinking to head home for a nap but I was there for the important stuff. I think anyway… B was very understanding and besides, there were 8 other people vying for her attention.

And we already have plans to make up for it at Christmas.

And just so we have it on record here is a brief summary of the events:

Friday: a night in with wine and appetizers at the condo downtown, playing games, telling our favourite B stories, eating way too much and talking about everything from high school to horrific birth stories. The usual female conversation topics!

Saturday: brunch on the rooftop patio at Joe Fortes, bowling, wine on the patio at the Vancouver Art Gallery (I went home for a nap), back to the condo for food and more drinks, a hair and makeup trial for B, and then dinner at Vancouver Urban Winery. G booked a sommelier for dinner to take everyone through two sets of wine tastings and a back of the house tour. I actually want to do a separate post on this because the experience was so great and deserves it. I also wore heels for the first time since I got pregnant. BIG news people!

All the ladies after brunch
Bowling fun
Me and B

Sunday was recovery day. And even though I didn’t drink (and took a 1.5 hour nap on Saturday) I woke up Sunday with a very tired body. I was so drained. I dragged myself out of bed at 9, hubby made us breakfast and then it was back under the covers for me until about 1:30pm. After doing laundry I made my way up to spend a bit more time with B as she flew home this morning. I finished the laundry, hubby made chili for dinner, we watched Big Brother and then went up to bed.

Now I just have to make it through the week and then Saturday morning we head back up to the lake for a week. So. Excited. Now the tough part: focusing on actually accomplishing what I need to get done this week before I’m on vacation… or at least before my mind is on vacation. How do I focus people??

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Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Bumpdate: 26 Weeks

How far along: 26 weeks

Size of Baby: an eggplant / 9.2", 2lbs

Side note: the babe keeps getting bigger but I don't feel like my bump is really growing at all. I guess as long she is happy and healthy (and the doctors tell me she is) then I should be happy to stay a 'manageable' size. 

Gender: I see a lot of purple in our future with our sweet baby girl

And yes I do know that purple is MY favourite colour and no it doesn’t have to be Baby P’s favourite colour but until she can tell us what is, it’s I am going live in baby girl purple Heaven.

Symptoms: So all things considered I am feeling what I assume is pretty darn good for a preggo. I’m tired and not sleeping through the night because I have to pee at least 3 times but when I have my head on that pillow, I am out. I also forget things a lot but honestly that isn’t so out of the normal for me.

Stretch marks: so far so good.

Sleep: Like I said, I have to pee multiple times a night ad it sucks.

Husband: made my heart melt when he picked Baby P’s first dress on the weekend. She can’t wear it for 2 years but the fact that he picked out a dress for her? Swoon <3

Belly Button: In and staying there for a while 

Movement: another heat wave rolled in for the weekend and I’m hoping that’s the reason baby girls wasn’t super active. Thankfully the last couple days I have felt more movement, more rolling than kicking. I’m ok with this because I’ve heard the kicking can get pretty painful around 30 weeks.

Cravings: I want all the bad food but mainly pizza. Some sweet stuff here and there but I want everything bread-based and/or fried every minute of every day. And for reasons outlined below this is now a major problem L

Maternity Clothes: these leggings are THE best!

Best Part of The Week: I dragged my hubby to Babies R Us this weekend to get started on our registry and although it was a bit daunting it was also so much fun to imagine our little girl playing with/wearing/using all the things we picked out for her. It got me even more excited to meet her!

Worst Part of the Week: I officially have gestational diabetes and it crushed me. More on that to come.

Missing Most: relaxing with a tasty cocktail and not caring about a thing.

Looking Forward To: seeing my sisters this weekend! My little sister is coming home for her bachelorette party this weekend and I am so excited to spend time with her as we celebrate her upcoming wedding!

Although let’s be honest it’s also going to be rough being the only sober person during a weekend party that is all about celebrating. I am just thankful I get to sleep in my own bed at night.

Thursday, 16 July 2015

Bumpdate: 25 Weeks

I am quite the slacker when it comes to these bumpdates aren’t I? Well in my defense it’s summer and… I’m pregnant. I don’t move quickly and any spare time I have is spent mentally napping (if not actually napping for real). I am also swamped at work. SO BUSY. And I am starting to panic about everything I want to accomplish before I go on maternity leave. Which is also making me panic! As a Canadian I am incredibly fortunate to get a year for maternity leave but the thought of leaving my job for a whole year scares the crap out of me. Everything will change. And then there is the underlying fear that they will like my replacement more than me… undoubtedly it will be someone younger with fresh new ideas and what if they come in here and wow my whole department?? I know I that legally they have to give my job back but what if I come back and everyone is sad because Awesome Maternity Cover Chick had to leave?

Yes people, this is just an example of the craziness happening in my brain right now.

Ok let’s get to the reason we’re actually here k?

Super classy work bathroom selfie because you know, actually dressed and hair brushed (I even have make-up on!)

How far along: 25 weeks

Size of Baby: Cauliflower. That's big. 

Gender: Baby P is a GIRL

Symptoms: Tired and foggy. Baby brain is a constant in my life. I should count my blessings that I’m not having some of the issues I have heard other women are pagued with so for that I will take the exhaustion. The limited caffeine is hard but I am surviving.

Stretch marks: This belly of mine is holding its own! And by that I mean nothing hideous yet. 

Sleep: Still so good at this. Must be the snoogle, I can’t recommend it enough. Or I’m just so exhausted nothing can keep me awake. Whatever works.

Husband: Getting excited to paint the nursery! We are looking at paint colours this weekend and it's so sweet to watch him plan out everything. 

Belly Button: In and staying there for a while 

Movement: The dog woke me up last night around 2:45am to let him out and when I laid back down the babe was wide awake and having soccer practice. Not hard enough to hurt but it was too much to fall asleep so I put my hand on my stomach to see if I could feel it (because if I have to be awake then obviously my husband has to be as well) and she stopped. So I went back to sleep. 

Hubby still hasn't felt her and am hoping he will be able to soon. 

Cravings: still mid-afternoon chocolate and carbs. I am satisfying one with dark chocolate or chocolate and the other one I am trying to resist for reasons that will become clearer below.

Maternity Clothes: I have been rocking my H&M maternity dresses this week – my momma spoiled me!

Best Part of The Week: this weekend it rained (poured!) and it felt so good to put on comfy clothes and snuggle up on the couch. I may or may not have fallen asleep and snored through the movie we were watching. Ok I totally did and it was awesome.

Worst Part of the Week: I failed my initial glucose test. This actually hit me really hard even though I knew it was quite likely. I am going for the tour one tomorrow morning after fasting for 10 hours and don’t feel very good about the outcome <insert sad with single tear emoji here>

Missing Most: It’s summer – I miss booze. All the booze. Ciders, wine, tequila cocktails.

Looking Forward To: the nursery furniture arriving! We finally settled on a crib and change table and ordered them on Friday!!

Thursday, 9 July 2015

Bump Date: 24 Weeks

Totally mastering the one-handed bump selfies!

How far along: 24 weeks

Size of Baby: Cantaloupe (what??) / 8.5 in

 So excited to be planning a nursery in mauve because we’re having a GIRL! (I am completely obsessed with the colour purple in case you haven't figured that out)

Symptoms: The exhaustion is back. With a vengeance.

Stretch marks: About the same as last week but my belly has been really itchy the last couple days so thinking I'm in for a growth spurt soon.

Sleep: All I want to do right now is sleep and so thankful I am still sleeping so well. I constantly feel like I’m walking around in a sleepy fog though and that can’t be good.

Husband: not so happy to be back to work in this heat and smog (we have so many forest fires burning in BC that they are comparing our air quality to that of Beijing – and we are losing big time. He also doesn't like it when I rub my stomach which I apparently do “all the time”. Pretty sure this is because it obviously draws attention and that’s his worst nightmare. I told him to stuff it.

Belly Button: In and staying there for a while 

Movement: The last couple days I have felt a ton of movement, especially when I eat fruit. I found out on Monday that I have an anterior placenta and is probably why I didn’t feel movement until just recently. And it’s not big movement, mostly still flutters, nothing that wakes me up or anything.

Cravings: lately I need to have chocolate around 2-3pm. Monday I had a chocolate covered Dips granola bar, yesterday I broke down and bought an aero chocolate bar (but gave 1/3 away) and then last night my friend who a brand new momma suggested I try chocolate milk. Hoping I feel less guilty about the chocolate and sugar if I am supplementing it with milk… sounds reasonable to me no??

Maternity Clothes: living in maternity leggings and tops. If I can manage to shave my legs this week I will be able to pull out some dresses but as of right now I don’t think it’s fair to inflict that nastiness on anyone.

Best Part of The Week: I had my follow up ultrasound on Monday so I got to see our baby girl, probably for the last time until she actually arrives. She slept through the entire 45 minute ultrasound including when I emptied my bladder halfway through and even after I ate a big hard candy and did jumping jacks, etc. for 5 minutes. Maybe she got her mom’s napping skills?

Worst Part of the Week: I am going to do my gestational diabetes test on Friday. I am terrified because diabetes runs in my family as well as my hubby’s, my sister had GD and I have gained a bit more weight that I have wanted to at this stage (plus started off this pregnancy at my highest weight ever). My new chocolate craving is definitely NOT helping.

Missing Most: the naps I enjoyed so freely last week. I just want sleep!

Looking Forward To: the weekend because I get to… NAP. Sleep in. Not wear makeup. I feel like a sloth this week.

Question for moms/preggos: what ‘healthy’ chocolate things can I eat for my cravings? And something that actually tastes like chocolate (unfortunately I’m not a fan of dark chocolate).

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Weekend (Vacation) Recap

I have to admit I am kind of happy to be home after our week at the lake... it's about 10 degrees cooler at home plus our main floor doesn't actually get super hot so it's not torturous to be in the kitchen or watch TV, etc. Don't get me wrong, the cabin is my absolute favorite home away from home and I feel so lucky and blessed to be part of a family who welcomes me to this magical vacation place but this week was a little rough. We were super lucky to have AC in our room but during the day the only really comfortable spot to be was in the lake. Thankfully the water was warm (basically the same temp as it is in September after having the summer sun warm it up) so I spent quite a bit of time standing there reading my book. 

Being pregnant in a heat wave is no joke - I could not cool down!! I retained heat better than a magic sack fresh out of the microwave. I am pretty sure if I had a good buzz going I would have barely noticed the heat but that obviously didn't happen. 

I should also point out that we have an air quality issue right now… there are so many forest fires that ash and smoke and all the other bad crap is being blown into our area. I heard that the sky was actually orange on Sunday morning, it doesn’t look as bad now but the air advisory is still in effect so not spending much time outside. It’s still hot and muggy though…

We desperately need rain so I am killing all the spiders I see and just thinking positive. If you know a rain dance, please bust it out for us.

We head back up in four weeks and I am just praying that the weather is a little cooler. Or that my body gets more used to it. I also plan to make lots of virgin slushie drinks... I wasn't smart enough to get on that bandwagon until Friday night but better late than never! The Bacardi lime margarita mix (blended with water and ice) was a party in my mouth. I barely noticed the lack of tequila. #winning 

And now for the requisite photo dump.

I think after 6 years Milo might finally understand where we are going when we pack up the truck at 5am and hit the road...
Favourite napping spot

Visiting the Ruby Blues Wine Bus at the Naramata market
Best picture I took all trip
One of the many wine tastings I watched from the sidelines...
Milo and his BFF Zoe begging for some of the happy hour fallen soldiers

Our little slice of Heaven
Sums up our trip (well my trip, add in a lot of beer for my hubby!)
And this pic sums up our last night - complete exhaustion.

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Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Easiest Appy Ever: Salad Skewers

I can’t take any credit for this appy, my SIL made it last summer and I’m sure there are a gazillion posts on Pinterest but it was such a fun (and fairly clean) way to eat my favourite ever salad: tomato and bocconcini (mozzarella).

You need 4 ingredients, 5 if you want to be fancy, and it comes together in less than 10 minutes.

Ingredients & supplies:
Equal amounts of:
o   cherry tomatoes
o   mini bocconcini balls
o   basil leaves
-        -  balsamic glaze
-         - skewers

        1.    cut cherry tomatoes in half
        2.   build skewers in this order:
-   half tomato, bocconcini ball, basil leave, other half tomato
-   if you are using the short skinny skewers, do one set per skewer… we could only find the big bamboo skewers so did two sets per skewer
       3.    arrange skewers on a plate and drizzle with balsamic glaze4.  optional: you could also drizzle on a bit of olive oil but we just did the glaze and it was perfect!

These salad skewers were so easy and deliciously refreshing; especially in the heat wave we are enduring right now. If you need to travel with this appy simply put the skewers together at home and store in the fridge until you need to leave. Once you arrive at your destination arrange the skewers on a plate, drizzle on the balsamic, serve and enjoy all the compliments!

Milo trying to get in on our appy action during happy hour!

Eat Drink & Be Mary

Friday, 3 July 2015

Bump Date: 23 Weeks

How far along: 23 weeks

Size of Baby: Papaya / 8 in, 1.5 lbs

 Mother Nature completely fooled us - we're having a baby GIRL!

Symptoms: Holy baby brain... I have to write everything down but that doesn't help when I'm talking to someone face to face. So forgetful.

Stretch marks: I can see them coming (insert blue sad face with tear emoji) not sure if anything will help them now but still lubing up. 

Sleep: We are in the middle of a heat wave and thankfully both at home and in our room at the cabin we have AC. I wouldn't be able to sleep at all if we didn't. And I have been napping every day because well, vacation. Going back to 'real life' next week will be hard.

Husband: being so sweet, making sure I eat when I need to and constantly filling up my ice water. Taking really good care of his girls :)

Belly Button: In and staying there for a while 

Movement: I'm feeling a few movements here and there but I think the heat is affecting our baby girl as well. I am doing my best to stay cool with frequent dips in the lake, lots of ice water and sleeping in the AC. I am trying so hard to take of our little babe.

Cravings: I would kill for a lime margarita. Tonight we will see if a virgin marg will do the trick.

Maternity Clothes: thankfully I have a bunch of dresses and tank tops that work as well as they can in this heat wave. I also scored a comfy maternity swimsuit top so that has been getting a ton of use this week.

Best Part of The Week: Vacation.

Worst Part of the Week: Knowing we only have one more full day here until we have to pack up and head home. Thankfully we work for 4 weeks and then are back up here!!

Missing Most: the wine struggle is so real this week - we are in Naramata, BC also known as wine country. We wine taste every time we are here. Obviously I am out of commission so have had the pleasure of DD'ing my hubby and SIL. I will make up for it next year!

Looking Forward To: thoroughly enjoying tomorrow. Oh and the AC tonight. This heat wave has got to end sometime soon?!?!