Monday, 27 July 2015

Weekend Recap: B's Bachelorette Weekend

This weekend was a lot busier than usual but it was also a lot more fun because both sisters were in town to celebrate my younger sister B’s upcoming wedding. All of her best friends came together to laugh and cry (maybe that was just the bride-to-be but I get it, these things are emotional), eat too much, drink too much but most of all just have fun with one of our most favourite people.

I have to give major props to my older sister G who planned the whole bachelorette weekend, from figuring out accommodation, working with everyone’s schedules (essentially herding cats), planning events (and back-up plans thanks to all the rain), making sure there was always enough food and drink, down to the tiny details of decorations, gifts for everyone, games and everything that you tend not to even think about when planning an event like this. I know how much effort she put into it and I am so happy that everything went so well.

As the preggo I was of course the lame sister and while I wish I had been able to partake in the wine and mimosas and day-drinking (it was a real struggle for a wino like me), I still had fun and wouldn’t have missed it for the world. And at least I know I will always remember it ;) I did go home and sleep in my own bed and I skipped the Saturday day-drinking to head home for a nap but I was there for the important stuff. I think anyway… B was very understanding and besides, there were 8 other people vying for her attention.

And we already have plans to make up for it at Christmas.

And just so we have it on record here is a brief summary of the events:

Friday: a night in with wine and appetizers at the condo downtown, playing games, telling our favourite B stories, eating way too much and talking about everything from high school to horrific birth stories. The usual female conversation topics!

Saturday: brunch on the rooftop patio at Joe Fortes, bowling, wine on the patio at the Vancouver Art Gallery (I went home for a nap), back to the condo for food and more drinks, a hair and makeup trial for B, and then dinner at Vancouver Urban Winery. G booked a sommelier for dinner to take everyone through two sets of wine tastings and a back of the house tour. I actually want to do a separate post on this because the experience was so great and deserves it. I also wore heels for the first time since I got pregnant. BIG news people!

All the ladies after brunch
Bowling fun
Me and B

Sunday was recovery day. And even though I didn’t drink (and took a 1.5 hour nap on Saturday) I woke up Sunday with a very tired body. I was so drained. I dragged myself out of bed at 9, hubby made us breakfast and then it was back under the covers for me until about 1:30pm. After doing laundry I made my way up to spend a bit more time with B as she flew home this morning. I finished the laundry, hubby made chili for dinner, we watched Big Brother and then went up to bed.

Now I just have to make it through the week and then Saturday morning we head back up to the lake for a week. So. Excited. Now the tough part: focusing on actually accomplishing what I need to get done this week before I’m on vacation… or at least before my mind is on vacation. How do I focus people??

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  1. The bachelorette sounds so fun despite having to sit out a couple times. I love your sister's bridal fascinator!


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