Friday, 3 July 2015

Bump Date: 23 Weeks

How far along: 23 weeks

Size of Baby: Papaya / 8 in, 1.5 lbs

 Mother Nature completely fooled us - we're having a baby GIRL!

Symptoms: Holy baby brain... I have to write everything down but that doesn't help when I'm talking to someone face to face. So forgetful.

Stretch marks: I can see them coming (insert blue sad face with tear emoji) not sure if anything will help them now but still lubing up. 

Sleep: We are in the middle of a heat wave and thankfully both at home and in our room at the cabin we have AC. I wouldn't be able to sleep at all if we didn't. And I have been napping every day because well, vacation. Going back to 'real life' next week will be hard.

Husband: being so sweet, making sure I eat when I need to and constantly filling up my ice water. Taking really good care of his girls :)

Belly Button: In and staying there for a while 

Movement: I'm feeling a few movements here and there but I think the heat is affecting our baby girl as well. I am doing my best to stay cool with frequent dips in the lake, lots of ice water and sleeping in the AC. I am trying so hard to take of our little babe.

Cravings: I would kill for a lime margarita. Tonight we will see if a virgin marg will do the trick.

Maternity Clothes: thankfully I have a bunch of dresses and tank tops that work as well as they can in this heat wave. I also scored a comfy maternity swimsuit top so that has been getting a ton of use this week.

Best Part of The Week: Vacation.

Worst Part of the Week: Knowing we only have one more full day here until we have to pack up and head home. Thankfully we work for 4 weeks and then are back up here!!

Missing Most: the wine struggle is so real this week - we are in Naramata, BC also known as wine country. We wine taste every time we are here. Obviously I am out of commission so have had the pleasure of DD'ing my hubby and SIL. I will make up for it next year!

Looking Forward To: thoroughly enjoying tomorrow. Oh and the AC tonight. This heat wave has got to end sometime soon?!?!


  1. Congratulations on your little girl!! enjoy the rest of your vacation :)

  2. Great photo of you and baby daddy. Hope the rest of your vacation is as relaxing. Hugs

  3. So happy that you are having a little girl! I get so uncomfortable in the heat and I am not even pregnant god knows how you feel/handle it!


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