Thursday, 25 June 2015

Instagram Favourites

Instagram appears to be my favourite social media channel these days, probably because it’s visual so there tends to be very little thinking and when I scroll through and see adorable babies and cute pups I feel all warm inside. Or maybe that’s just the heat and my crazy preggo hormones but it’s still a nice feeling. I haven't cried yet so that’s a plus.

I follow a bunch of random accounts (and if all they post are giveaways I delete, delete, delete) and wanted to share a few of my favourites. If you know of them already then sorry for not bringing anything new to your life today but if you haven’t you should check them out! They probably won’t make you cry either.

This mom is insane in the most awesome way. She texts her daughter constantly and trashes makes fun of her boyfriend, her apartment location but most of all pleads with her to dump her boyfriend because he hasn’t proposed yet. Mom introduces herself to strangers and tried to set her daughter up with them. It’s quite entertaining and I have had people wonder if it’s a bit staged now but I don’t care because I love it.

This insta account is good for a dose of real life, profiling all kinds of people young and old. You meet people who overcame everything and graduated from college as well as kids who want to be a fairy when they grow up.

Live through the eyes of a toddler and she nails it. She does have some good genes; her mom mommyshorts is pretty entertaining as well. I have one question – what happens when she turns 3?!?

Megan was a blogger I followed religiously because of her delicious but EASY recipes but she got too busy with her jewelry business and life with her baby girl so now she just posts recipes on her Instagram account! I miss reading her blog but love that she still shares here – you will not be disappointed.

Not too much to say here, funny and oh so true…

What are some of your favourite Instagram accounts??

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  1. I followed a bunch of these after reading your post!! That Humans of NY is so interested. Love! thanks for sharing


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