Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Bump Date: 22 Weeks

I always end up doing bump photos at work...
How far along: 22 weeks

Size of Baby: Spaghetti squash / 1 lb

 Sweet baby GIRL!

Symptoms: Other than the usual tiredness and massive boobs (can’t even imagine them getting bigger) I am feeling pretty great right now!

Stretch marks: Still looking good but have decided to switch to coconut oil because I’m hearing mixed reviews on message boards about Bio Oil and that even though it’s promoted to pregnant women, it contains retinyl palmitate which is like Retin A and potentially dangerous. Coconut oil seems to be good for everything and I read that if you whip it up once and put it in an air tight container it will stay like that. Seems worth it to me.

Sleep: Still sleeping really well thankfully and so looking forward to sleeping in and daily naps while on vacation next week. Thankfully we drive there so I will be bringing my snoogle and a couple other pillows.

Husband: was initially experiencing a tiny bit of gender disappointment (don’t hate on him, I discuss it here) but now I smile from ear to ear every time I hear him say “our daughter…”.

Belly Button: in and showing no signs of popping.

Movement: YES! I thought I felt an actual tiny kick yesterday and then this morning I felt it again 3 times! As a FTM I’m can’t be sure that they are kicks but what else could they be?

Cravings: I have been drinking coffee again, all of a sudden on Monday I wanted coffee instead of tea and had it again yesterday and today.

Maternity Clothes: my mom has spoiled me with a couple new things from H&M plus I found a great non-maternity light dress last weekend and may or may not have purchased in multiple colours. I will do a post on my favourite pieces soon.

Best Part of The Week: Between finding out we are having a baby girl and finally feeling her little kicks, this week has been overflowing with baby love.

Worst Part of the Week: Monday morning was rough. I woke up exhausted and feeling completely drained and seriously considered calling in sick (but didn’t).

Missing Most: this never changes for me – wine!

Looking Forward To: being on vacation next week and our first lake trip of the year.

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