Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Bump Date: 19 Weeks

Happy Hump Day!

I made it home Friday evening and proceeded to sleep most of the weekend... I guess my body felt the need to recover? I slept a good 11-12 hours each night and then had at least two naps both Saturday and Sunday. I went into the office on Monday and still probably could have slept even longer. I thought about doing a weekend recap but how interesting is sleep, nap and panama change on repeat? Oh I did go grocery shopping. That one really tuckered me out. 

I took yesterday to enjoy my first sober birthday in about 20 years (wow!) and it was very nice, very chill. Nothing too exciting to report. So let's get to this baby bump update!

Please excuse our messy cable strewn bedroom!
How far along: 19 weeks

Size of Baby: a mango / 6 inches

Gender: a taxi driver in Amsterdam was adamant that I am having a boy so I might as well just cancel that pesky gender ultrasound on June 18th... although maybe I'll keep the appointment just for the anatomy portion ;)

Symptoms: smells are driving me bonkers. Last night I ordered cream of asparagus soup and almost puked from the horrid smell when it was set in front of me. My hubby moved it but it still took forever for them to clear the plates and I was so agitated. Also I was sitting beside the nicest guy in a meeting today and could smell the coffee on his breath and I could barely concentrate. 

Pretty sure I am also a lot bitchier these days.

I feel sorry for the general public around me at these times.

Stretch marks: Not yet... and my bump is actually smaller that it was last week. I'm shrinking?!

Sleep: doing A-OK in this category :)

Husband: clueless as to what is actually going to happen when we bring a newborn home. (for the record I am too but at least I know life will be very different).

Belly Button: in

Movement: Still no movement and with the shrinking belly plus the crazy stressful time I had last week, I am officially a bit worried. Thankfully I have a dr appt tomorrow to check on the baby.

Cravings: nothing specific but I only want plain, simple food. 

Maternity Clothes: still pulling off a mixture or maternity and regular clothes but not completely comfortable in either.

Best Part of The Week: My birthday.

Worst Part of the Week: We have to start cleaning out the baby's room this weekend and it will be no small chore. There is so much crap piled in there and I have no clue where it's going to go.

Missing Most: still wine. Especially last night at my birthday dinner.

Looking Forward To: my appointment tomorrow and hearing the baby's heartbeat. I am paranoid... I really want to start feeling the movements!!

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