Thursday, 26 February 2015

I Must Confess

I think I now like Pepsi more than Coke. And I feel like a complete traitor.

I hate compromising. I am stubborn and kinda selfish and I want to do/eat/watch/etc. what I want. But I try because I like my hubby more than I hate compromise. 

Sometimes I use the full service side of the gas station... I know it's more expensive and I am totally capable of doing it myself but sometimes I just don't feel like getting out of my car. Especially if it's raining.

I joined a non-profit industry organization and regret it. I think what they do for the industry is great but it is so much work and takes up time that I want to spend with my family, friends, blogging.

I didn't like Ellen Degeneres' latest book. Like really didn't. At all. I bought it on Audible and I feel like I wasted a credit. I do love her show. 

I prefer Carolans to Baileys. Carolans is creamier and cheaper, so to me it's a no-brainer.

I like to dip McDonald's fries into a chocolate milkshake. It sounds weird and gross and I have no clue why I ever tried it but I am so glad I did.

I didn't set an alarm this morning and slept in a half hour. It was awesome.

Can I please stay here forever?

How often do you feel the need to confess?


Monday, 23 February 2015

Wine, Vanderpump Rules and Sun

You know those weekends that pass by really quickly but you didn't actually do much of anything?  We had one of those weekends. Actually correction - I had one of those weekends but because the weather has been amazing and it's basically Spring here, my hubby did a fair amount of work outside. 
We grocery shopped Friday evening, picked up dinner and spent the night bingeing on Vanderpump Rules. Saturday I renewed my insurance (cheers to not forgetting for the first time in 3 years, yikes!), took Milo for a walk and went back home to make dog food, do laundry and binge on more Vanderpump Rules - we joined the party late and last week I got seasons 2 and 3 so this will be my life for a while...
On Sunday I actually left the house for a visit with my friend, we made tea and took the dogs out on a muddy trail. Milo was in. heaven. For some reason he loves mud, looooves it!  Needless to say someone got a bath last night.
I taped the Oscars and climbed into bed early so I could watch them... meaning I fast forwarded through about 2/3 of it. And the show went over but my recording did not so I had to google the Best Actor, Best Actress and Bet Picture awards. Seriously PVR?!?  Are you not intuitive enough to extend recording??
And then I was unable to fall asleep and awake until 11:30pm... getting up this morning was quite the bitch. Now to just make it through Monday, stay awake until 9pm and then crawl into bed just as I get my second wind. Can't wait.
friday night grocery shopping road pop
loving this 'winter' weather!
does anyone else get this look?  Apparently I took a long time to get ready...
the only photo I managed to take on Sunday's walk... I must have been talking a lot!

this happened last night - Milo and Jinx on the same couch and touching!
I hope you survive your Mondays friends!

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Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Mug Swap Fun

I finally took the plunge in December and signed up for my first blogger swap and loved it. Now I'm hooked and literally programmed a reminder into my calendar for the Chaotic Goddess' first swap and it's finally here!! 

Swaps are a bit trickier for me living in Canada but I managed to find a way around the international shipping - I have my boxes sent to my stepdad's mailbox just south of the border. He usually makes a trip down once a week: he is retired, the king of Internet shopping (my nephews are spoiled) and my mom likes Tillamook cheese.  It works for them and is a bonus for me!

I love mugs (hello baileys coffee on the weekend!) and oddly enough don't have a purple one. I haven't been looking for one specifically and will know it when I see it. My current fave is this one with my initial in gold - LOVE! 

Wish me luck in picking a good one :)

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Vacay Recap: Fun in the Sun!

Hubby and I are back from our sunny vacation and real life is back in full swing. We had an amazing time though and as much as we both loved it, we were very happy to come home to Milo and Jinx. Oh and our bed. The bed in Palm Springs wasn't great.

We spent three nights in Las Vegas (stayed at the Mirage for the first - and last - time) and then we drove to Palm Springs for another five nights. We always used to say that you need a vacation to recover from Vegas so that's exactly what we do now.

Here are some photos of our trip...
Bon voyage cocktails at the airport!

I love the fish tank at the Mirage front desk, obsessed every time I see it.

Finally at the room

Morning walk in the sun

Our view in Palm Springs!

A fun evening with this woman, my mentor, Prudence from Ruby Blues Winery

First golf game ever with my hubby (that is my MIL teeing off)

Mandatory golf selfie

These Canadian Geese were napping on the 18th hole, not a care in the world

Our transportation to the pool

Our favourite pool

I am obsessed with palm trees
A sunset ride

Obama decided to fly into Palm Springs the day we were leaving - we actually watched Air Force One fly by really low and slow as we enjoyed our last coffee on the patio - and thankfully the traffic getting into the hotel wasn't too bad and we got to see the plane, MASSIVE!

We need to plan another vacation soon so I have something to look forward to!

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Thursday, 5 February 2015

Book Review | Z: A Novel of Zelda Fitzgerald

I am not sure what drew me to this book but something did and it was my latest pick for book club.  I really enjoyed it but I know a couple people didn't, and in fact didn't even finish the book. It didn't grab them but it's not one of those books... it's not a book that has an exciting story line with lots of ups and downs, it's the story of Zelda's life. I have always loved hearing about people's lives and in history that is what draws me in the most, hearing who people were, how they lived and the relationships they had. The emotions and struggles of every day life and how they survived.  Plus I am convinced I was meant to be born a southern belle.  And Zelda was a southern belle.
If I were to give this book a rating it would be a B.  I really enjoyed it, I am happy I read it but I probably wouldn't read it again and I understand why other people would not like it.
I went to Costco yesterday to find a couple books for our trip but for some reason they had the worst selection... then my sister told me that my mom has her copy of the Rosie Project, another book I have heard is really good. So I am going to borrow that one and then I guess I will just have to take a trip to Target for a new book when that's done.  Yay Target!
What books do y'all recommend?

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Curently | February Edition

Oh hey there friends, it’s Radio-Silence-Sarah stopping in! Annoyed at my randomness yet?  Yeah me too… let’s call it a work in progress shall we?  K, thanks.  Thankfully Jenna and Anne are making life easy on my with the February edition of Currently – thanks ladies, if I still have any readers left they will appreciate this.
I am currently...
hearting | I love love love my sleep tee, the fabric is so soft and amazing that it’s the only thing I want to sleep in but I don’t want to wash it too much in case the softness doesn’t last.  The colour is gorgeous and the fit is very flattering but it’s the fabric that really grabs me, it’s awesome!  And I am picking up one (or two…) of the summer tees ASAP.
reading | I just finished Z: A Novel of Zelda Fitzgerald for book club (review coming tomorrow) and am picking up our next book The Girl on the Train to read on vacation next week.  Ahhh vacation next week…
 pinning | Most of my pins are recipes… after my Pinterest fails a couple weeks ago I have taken a break but plan to try this chicken recipe as soon as we get home. It looks amazeballs and someone else blogged about it so it has to be good.
eating | I am a big snacker (hence my attempt at healthy nibblies) and we randomly picked up these fruit yogurt snacks from Walmart last week (those register displays get me every. time.) and I can’t stop eating the blueberry flavour!  I have no illusions that these are healthy by any means so I might try making my own one day. Ha, yeah right. 
anticipating | Vacation!!  Fun in the sun with my hubby :)
Only two more sleeps!






Monday, 2 February 2015

Weekend Recap: Vacation Countdown!

Ahh Monday morning… a day I normally dread but am actually a teeny bit excited about.  Knowing you're going on vacation in 4 sleeps can do that J  Four sleeps until we spend three sleeps in Las Vegas followed by five sleeps in Palm Springs!  But first to get through this Monday thing…

It was a quiet weekend at our house, much like the crickets heard all over this blog space last week. I had two major things happening last week:

1)      My first event as the Director of a breakfast speakers series - 200+ people showed up to listen to the speakers I had lined up and I have gotten great feedback so I think I can call it a success.

1)      I had to put together and distribute my company’s price book and distribute it worldwide… the shitty part was getting all the info from the sales managers (holy Hannah was it like herding cats!), putting together a whole new format and then converting the entire price book from Canadian to US.  I learned that I need to learn the Excel shortcuts.  Oh and I learned how to change a product description from all caps to normal case.  I foresee this coming in handy a lot going forward.
Anyhoo by the time I got home at 8pm Friday evening all I wanted was a tasty beverage, dinner and then bed. I had big plans for Saturday, such as mimosas, doing laundry, grocery shopping, getting some stuff done around the house. I was really looking forward to a great weekend after the craziness of the week leading up to it.
And then I woke up Saturday and felt like I was getting a cold.  Are you kidding me??
I dragged myself out of bed though and we ran some errands in the morning, came back home to eat lunch and then took Milo to one of the local dog parks.  As soon as we pulled in and parked I realized I should have brought my DSLR to play with and then kicked myself again when we saw that there was a huge hawk near the entrance. The zoom on my iPhone just does not do it justice!
And then it was naptime.

Saturday night saw me bingeing on Netflix (hello @Netflix, #StreamTeam candidate here!), taking cough medicine and drinking green tea with honey. 

And Sunday was pretty much the same... except for that whole Super Bowl thing. Even I know that was a stupid last play Seattle!  Oh well, maybe they can pull it off next year?

How was your weekend??

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