Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Mug Swap Fun

I finally took the plunge in December and signed up for my first blogger swap and loved it. Now I'm hooked and literally programmed a reminder into my calendar for the Chaotic Goddess' first swap and it's finally here!! 

Swaps are a bit trickier for me living in Canada but I managed to find a way around the international shipping - I have my boxes sent to my stepdad's mailbox just south of the border. He usually makes a trip down once a week: he is retired, the king of Internet shopping (my nephews are spoiled) and my mom likes Tillamook cheese.  It works for them and is a bonus for me!

I love mugs (hello baileys coffee on the weekend!) and oddly enough don't have a purple one. I haven't been looking for one specifically and will know it when I see it. My current fave is this one with my initial in gold - LOVE! 

Wish me luck in picking a good one :)

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  1. I love the cheese too!
    I got myself one of the gold initial mugs and Chris a black on for Valentine's Day. Happy you had a good vacation. 😘


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