Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Pinterest Recipe Fails

I have had my fair share of Pinterest fails (if I'm honest the ratio is probably 2:1 lol) and this weekend I had not one but two... 

Like most Pinners I have a snack board and finally decided to try a couple of the "healthy" snacks. Both were failures.

I promise I followed the recipe. I let the chickpeas dry for about three times longer than suggested and they still didn't work. I baked them at 400 and first checked them after 25 minutes (as per another recipe) and they were not done so I put them back in for a total of 40 minutes. The Parmesan cheese clumped together and although the chickpeas were crispy on the outside, the inside felt like sawdust in my mouth.

The result:

As I was on the healthy snack roll and had the oven on a 400 I also attempted to make Parmesan Garlic Edamame. We only had frozen edamame still in the shell so I thawed and shelled all the beans. Which didn't end up being more than a cup but still, I shelled allll the beans.

Again, I followed the recipe and these ones actually tasted good when they came out of the oven. And then I ruined them. I put them in a ziploc container... And the next day they were mush.  So that was totally on me - maybe I should have left them in a bowl on the counter?

I genuinely wanted to make healthy snacks. And I might try the edamame again but do any of you have a foolproof recipe I can try? I am considering making fruit leather from this pin but if I can't roast chickpeas then can I really make fruit leather??

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  1. Oh I make the chickpeas all the time (well, i used to--i haven't in a while hah) but I don't remember how long/how high I did them. They always came out a little "crispy" on the outside but still chewy(ish) on the inside.

  2. I had to try the chickpeas a few times before they were edible. I ended up turning the oven on lower and cooking them for about an hour.

  3. Bahaha! So funny cause I just posted a few of my Pinterest WINS last week. It's so frustrating to make something that fails, but those wins are sure worth it. Hopefully you'll have better luck next time! :) As for ones to suggest, I can honestly say I don't think I've tried any healthy snacks that I've pinned yet. I really should though. :P
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