Friday, 9 January 2015

Oh Hey Friday: Project 365

In addition to the health, fitness and personal growth resolutions I have every year, I added something new to the mix this year - a 365 Day Picture Project (also know as Project 365).  Take a picture every day for one year.  I have a couple reasons for doing this... I like to think I am creative and it would be so cool to make an album next January with the photos that literally document my life in 2014 (although they will mostly be of Milo and food) plus as I said here, I wish I could take better photos and am hoping this will help me learn my camera.
Now I just need to starting using my DSLR instead of my iPhone...
Small steps. I have 356 days to work on it.
Here is my first week of Project 365:
Sunday: Milo after a face plant in the snow - love his expression!
Monday: the most delicious homemade pizza yet, recipe here
Tuesday: morning snuggles with Jinx wrapped up in our quilt
Wednesday: some of the last Christmas lights in the city

Thursday: this guy curled up between us, not feeling too well :(

I think my weekend pictures are my favourite but I also think I need to put more effort in.  Have any of you done a Project 365?  Did you have a plan or just take random photos during the day?
Cheers to Friday!
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  1. That picture of your cat!! BAHAHA!

  2. I hope you'll complete the challenge. You really have an eye for details and skill for taking pictures.
    Continue to take and post adorable and meaningful photos. We need to see more of that. :)


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