Friday, 2 January 2015

2015 Resolutions

Better late than never right?  I had this post written last night but the Blogger iPad app sucks and won't let me format anything. There must be a better app so please enlighten me if you can.  Hubby and I got up at the crack of dawn (actually a couple hours before that even) at 5:30am and headed south across the border for some shopping.  They have opened Target here in Canada but it's not the same at all.  It's the product selection people!!  Anyway, I got my fix today and we made a few other stops (hello Trader Joes when are you heading up here??) and hence the late publish.

Enjoy your Friday friends! 

1. Better Health. I will get the obvious one out of the way first (show me someone who makes resolutions that doesn't have this on their list!), I need to get my shit together. Or rather I need to get off my fat ass (actually I have no ass because I carry my weight in my stomach and it would be nice if people didn't think I was 4 months preggo) and lose some weight. I also need to eat much healthier. But I am doing something different this year! I need to accept the fact that I am lazy and addicted to Netflix so we are getting a treadmill. This way I will literally have no excuse but to get moving and I will be able to lose myself in a show for the duration. I know myself and I need to make it easy beavered I am lazy. Acceptance is half the battle right?

Pssst... @Netflix, this is perfect time to put me on the #StreamTeam!!

2. Meal Plans. This goes with better health above... We were killing it with the meal plans and life was good and then all of a sudden we stopped. I guess I stopped. The usual excuses, basically life got in the way. But it makes life EASIER. And healthier. So meal plans are back starting this Sunday. 
3. Read More Books. I love being in a book club because I have always loved reading but when I discovered Netflix I basically stopped reading except for when I was at the lake or by the pool. When I was a kid I used to hide under the covers with a flashlight and devour a book when I was supposed to be sleeping. So not only is the book club awesome because I have met amazing women, but I have also read some really great books. And I really want to read more. I love getting lost in a book. My favourite book in 2014 was the Night Circus - if you haven't read it, do it.

4. 365 Day Picture Project. I can't even count how many times I whine on Instagram or this blog that I don't know how to use my DSLR or even apologize for the fuzzy iPhone pics I post, and then yesterday I came across this post and it sounded like such a cool idea!  I can't imagine that there are many days when I don't take a photo but the thought of turning it into an actual project makes me excited.  And maybe I will finally learn how to use my camera.  Oh and does this officially give me an excuse to buy a selfie stick??
5. Baby Dreams.  I wish and hope and pray that we get pregnant this year. I am terrified to actually write this down because it's now officially out there, we are officially trying and not just the two of us know and I am scared. I'm terrified. I have no clue why but I am so scared that it's not going to happen and admitting this here makes me worry that I have just jinxed it.  It's true, we just started trying only a few months ago after receiving news we had been waiting for but every month that goes by aches just a little bit more. Fingers crossed that 2015 is our year! 

How do you stick to your resolutions?

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  1. I manged to pull off a Project 365 in 2013. I had a lot of fun doing it, but by the time 2014 came around needed a break. Except I kind of miss it, and plan on doing it again in 2015. I will say that doing it definitely did make me more comfortable with my DSLR, so it definitely is good for that.

    And I too read The Night Circus in 2014 and loved it as well! I wouldn't consider it my favorite book of the year, but it did make my top 10 list.

    And just letting you know, I'm stopping by from Five on Friday!

  2. Just found this sweet space and love so much about this post :) I too am doing a 365 day photo challenge. Or am at least attempting too. So far I am 4 for 4 haha!! Just 361 left to go.
    Night Circus was also one of my favorite books for 2014! I am actually doing a post on it on Wednesday. Loved!! And Netflix and #5, ummm yes?! Here's to 2015!!


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