Monday, 19 January 2015

My Weekend in Instagram

And here we go into the start of another week... Can you believe we're already in the last half of January?? Plain craziness I tell you, life just goes by too fast these days. Too bad I can't survive on 4-5 hours of sleep so I can enjoy more hours in the day... but I love my bed and sleeping way too much!

Another weekend has come and gone but I managed to document some of it on good 'ol Instagram. 

Friday night we picked up dinner and curled up at home in our pjs and caught up on Hawaii 5-0. I got some cuddles in with our grumpy-faced Jinx, such a good snuggler.

Saturday morning I had my first official workout on the treadmill! I am starting off slow, after a 5 minute warm up I did 30 minutes on an incline at a brisk pace followed by a 5 minute cool down. It felt really good to break a sweat and I watched an episode of White Collar. Having the show to keep my mind preoccupied was perfect, I really think this has a chance of working well for me!

P.S. S'well bottles are AMAZING!! I need more. 

After getting errands and other boring stuff out of the way the hubby and I hit up our local driving range. Initially I was in a foul mood and kept whining about not wanting to be out in the cold but it turned out to be fun. I think I just needed to get out and into the fresh air. 

Our next stop was a local pub for an appy and couple drinks. We had not been to this pub since I first met my father-in-law five years ago! It has changed hands a couple times since then and the latest menu looks pretty good. We had nachos and get did not disappoint - there was cheese in all the chip layers. First time I've had corn on nachos and I didn't hate it... I didn't love it but every once in a while it was ok. 

Sunday we were actually up pretty early and I made us a quick breakfast (scrambled eggs, hash browns and fried garlic sausage, sausage was a little dry) before hubby went back to bed. He had a late night hanging out at his buddy's shop which meant a night at home for me catching up on all my shows. I also curled up in bed at a decent hour and woke up sans hangover! #winning

At noon on Sunday I was thoroughly enjoying Scandal and a delicious cup of coffee :)

The day took a bit of a turn when I realized that I completely forgot to get fruit and veggies for the week. I did a bit of grocery shopping while I was in the US for work last week so kind of convinced myself I had gotten that out of the way. Not so much. This resulted in a trip to the grocery store and thankfully I was in and out pretty quick. 

And here we have it, my weekend in photos. Like I told our server at the pub, married life is predictable and boring but I wouldn't trade it for anything. 

Now to read about people with exciting lives so I can live vicariously through them... While curled up in my pjs passing time until it's acceptable to crawl back into bed. Is 8:30pm too early? 

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  1. Your weekend looks like it was so much fun! K and I need to get out to the range soon. And what is a s'well bottle?!?!


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