Friday, 2 January 2015

Welcome 2015!

Happy New Year!
Shockingly I did not just crawl out of bed but in fact have had quite a busy day with barely any trace of a hangover. This is quite the New Years Day miracle for me and hopefully bodes well for what is to come.  We went out for dinner with a couple friends and were home by 11:15 and stayed up just long enough for the countdown to midnight, then passed out happy. After getting up this morning at 9:30am I met and chatted with our new tenants for a bit and then tackled the Christmas decor. I packed up everything inside and then we headed outside to take down all the lights out front. 
Christmas is officially over for another year. 
After hubby cooked us up a yummy late lunch (cheese tortellini in a four cheese tomato sauce) we took Milo for a walk along the water. The sun was out in full glory but it was cooooold. It was a nice way to end the day. Well the afternoon because now we're home in pjs and snuggled in blankets watching E's Kardashian marathon. I can't remember the last time I watched commercials... has anyone else noticed that they are all about getting pregnant?? I have seen the Clear Blue early detection pregnancy tests and ovulation kits at least100 times.
I hope you all had an amazing NYE celebrating however you chose to (or if you chose to do nothing at all) followed by a wonderful day. 

Check back tomorrow to see my 5 resolutions for this new year... do you have any?

Here are some photos from last night and our day today:

He doesn't join us for family walks but we can't forget to include Jinx:

Best wishes for a happy and prosperous 2015!

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