Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Gift Dilemmas

I am very lucky when it comes to Christmas, my parents (including Santa ;), my husband and my husband’s family and my friends are all very generous and I receive many wonderful gifts.  That being said, I have two gift dilemmas.  Any advice is appreciated.

Dilemma #1

Some of the women at my office did a Secret Santa gift exchange this year and I was excited to take part.  I got our Controller’s name and I don’t know her very well, we don’t work together much, but I do know that she has very good taste.  Our limit was $20 plus tax and I wanted to make sure I got her something she would at least like much less love.  I know that she drinks a diet coke every morning and loves wine. I gave her a Starbucks insulated cold cup and a bottle of Ruby Blues Wine and I think it went over ok.  This isn’t my dilemma though, I am just explaining that I get that it’s stressful to buy for people you don’t know.
So when it came time for me to open my gift, I found out that it was from another woman I don’t know well but she is so nice and sweet and cute and from what I do know is that whole ‘good things come in small packages’ quote wrapped up in an adorable bow.  And I know she had the best of intentions.  She bought me a purse which itself is quite nice, black and very simple.  It just isn’t my taste at all.  It’s something I envision a career woman in her 60’s using.  And just typing that I feel horrible.  I also really hope that I didn't show my feelings after I opened it!!
My Secret Santa gift

So what do I do? Do I use it a couple times and make sure she sees me using it (which will be hard because we work in opposite ends of the building and have different schedules), or do I just cut my losses and re-gift it or something, hoping it never comes up?  What would you do in this situation? 

Dilemma #2

My second gift dilemma is completely my fault.  I asked my husband and my stepdad for the same thing, headphones, and they both got them for me.  The ones my husband gave me are cuter (as cute as big headphones can be) and plus I already opened them.  My stepdad keeps asking me how his headphones are working and the cold with sore ears excuse isn’t going to last forever.  In my defense, I didn’t think either of them was going to give them to me.  I really wanted this bracelet from my husband and I really wanted a Birchbox membership from my stepdad, but I thought I should also add a couple other things to fill out the list.  Oops.  I got my bracelet (thanks babes!!) but I was told that there was no way my stepdad was touching anything to do with makeup.

I know I just have to come clean, I just really feel bad, guilty even because I put myself in this position.  I don’t want to hurt him.  And I know he will be.  I need to take up wood carving or something so I have a hobby he can support.
I hope you all have a wonderful (safe) Happy New Year!!

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