Tuesday, 16 December 2014

120 Christmas Cookies

At least... we lost count!  And by we I mean my SIL who had a need to count all the cookies we had just decorated while I stuffed my face with popcorn and twizzlers (healthy dinner for the win) and watched the long awaited season 4 premiere of Hart of Dixie.  We had to wait for the icing to dry before we could package them up, duh.
On Sunday we baked said sugar cookies and then we got together last night after work to decorate them and if I do say so myself they turned out to be the prettiest Christmas cookies I have ever made.  The purple icing was definitely a key ingredient and props to my SIL for buying the real deal dye from a fancy store and everything, it was the perfect colour and it only took about 1/8 tsp.  Go for the real dye friends, it makes a huge difference. 
I don't actually have the recipe but need to get my hands on it, will work on that because both the cookie and icing recipes are so easy and pretty sure these are the best sugar cookies I've tasted.
The angels are my favourite followed closely by the snowflakes and then doves.  Now to decide who gets all these delicious treats...
Full disclosure: all designs were K's idea, she made a 'prototype' and I copied the design.  She's the perfect Christmas Cookie partner!
Also, we did try another cookie on Sunday but it was an epic failure... only in the looks department though, they were delicious!!
What is your favourite Christmas baking recipe?


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