Thursday, 11 December 2014

Currently {December Edition}

I’m a little bit late the monthly ‘Currently’ game but it just feels so dang right that how can it be wrong?
EATING DRINKING: Currently I am double-fisting chocolate Carnation instant breakfast and coffee.  I much prefer to drink my morning calories.
LISTENING: My hubby surprised me with Glee’s Christmas Albums #1 and #2 and I am obsessed.  Fun fact: I use my car’s cd player so rarely that they are always loaded… and we may or may not have listened to them in August on a road trip because that was all we had.
READING: I need to pick up our next book club read, Z: a Novel of Zelda Fitzgerald and get reading… has anyone else read it?  A couple of the girls are finished and said it’s great!  Any other reviews out there?
LOVING: Our outside Christmas lights, they look better every year!  I really want to learn how to photograph them with my DSLR and might actually try this weekend.
WATCHING: All the cheesy Lifetime Christmas movies I can, I love them.  And Vanderpump Rules. 
DESIRING: A hangover free weekend – this might actually happen!  Not that there won’t be wine or spiked eggnog, just smarter decisions while drinking it ;)
WRAPPING: Nothing yet, I usually wrap the weekend before Christmas while watching Love Actually and drinking wine.  It’s funny and also pretty cool how something so mundane becomes a tradition I look forward to every year.
MAKING: Christmas treats!  Well I will be this weekend… Sunday is cookie baking day plus I have some other treats I am trying out.  Stay tuned for tomorrow’s Friday 5 to see what is on the menu.
ANTICIPATING: A visit with my nephews… my sister and the boys are in town for a couple days to do everything Christmas and I am excited to spend some time with them.
#tbt to my nephews at our wedding xxo


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  1. Cute kids! I should keep this on the fridge to remind me of that when they are driving me crazy. Check for the book on Kindle. Can't wait to see photos of cookies. 😊


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