Monday, 22 December 2014

Weekend Recap: Monday Morning

I was all excited for this morning because even though I have to be at work, I had time to share and planned to do a weekend recap via Instagram.  I have been all over insta the last few days and how better to document what I have been up to?  (Sorry in advance to all my instagram friends!)
But I woke up this morning with a killer sore throat and feeling achy and well, just blah.  Everything I do is in slow motion so I am already 15 steps behind.  And it's Monday on Christmas week so how can I be behind??  I have managed it friends.
So far today...
  1. I went to mail my step-mother-in-law's birthday card (her birthday is tomorrow so it's already late) and I realized I don't have her address in my phone.  Luckily my father-in-law was working so I left work and dropped it off with him.  At least she will get it on time now but that ad that's due today is now in jeopardy. #familyfirst
  2. I kind of blew our work Secret Santa when I told my person I got her.  Isn't the 'secret' over at you give the gift??  Apparently not here...
  3. I went to pick up my Xmas pjs that I put on hold Saturday night because the only store that had my size is out by my work... except they didn't have them. I just tracked them down at another store that is only slightly (20 minutes) out of my way on the drive home.  If there isn't traffic.  Please let there not be traffic.  #murphyslaw
Ok all in all it's not a really bad day but it's not even half over.  I am spending this afternoon down at our barge to film some training videos... just hoping it doesn't rain!
Anyway, my insta weekend will have to wait.  Maybe for Xmas Eve.
But because every post needs a photo - here is my gift from my Secret Santa:
Is anyone else stuck working today??


  1. I'm stuck working till Wednesday! Boo! But then I'm off until the 5th, so honestly I can't complain! Hope your work week goes by fast too!

  2. Nice bag! Hope your day improved. Hugs


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