Monday, 1 December 2014

Weekend Recap: A Weekend in Instagram

Happy Christmas month!!  How can I be sad that it's Monday when this Monday is the first day of December and our 25 nights of Christmas movies starts tonight?  Maybe we’ll even get the tree up tonight… I really wanted to get our inside decorations done yesterday but I had some chores to finish first.
1. 6 loads of laundry.  Maybe I should start doing a couple loads during the week so it isn’t so crazy on Sundays… but then it’s the perfect excuse to not leave the house on Sundays so maybe I’ll leave that one alone.
2. Organize (meaning put away all my crap) the corner the tree goes in.
3. Clear out (I have too much crap) the alcove at the top of the stairs so we can access the crawl space where all the Christmas stuff is stored.
Number 3 didn’t happen until about 8pm last night so there was no decorating to be had.  We watched Vanderpump Rules instead.
It may happen tonight, depending on what time I get home and if my suggestion to my hubby to get all the stuff out of the crawl space while I’m at work (this is when I resent his seasonal job because he has lots of spare time in the winter) was heard at all.  At least he agreed to prep dinner tonight.
So we essentially had an uneventful weekend and I only have a few photos to prove it:
Grocery shopping was on the agenda Friday night and so was a road pop:
Then I dragged my husband in to see if I could get a Black Friday on a new iPhone 6.  I did and then so did he!  Here he is looking so impressed that we got to spend 1.5 hours at the mall...

Then this happened Friday night.  It snowed.  And it's still so frigging cold that the snow is still here.  I am not used to this... but the forecast calls for rain on Thursday so we'll see if we get any more.  Is there a chance for a White Christmas?? 

Saturday night ended in a hot bath with wine...

Sunday calls for naps and our whole family got in on the action... Milo was not too pleased to be woken up.

After naptime we celebrated the 2014 Grey Cup with our first rum and eggnogs of the season.  Yes there is approximately one teaspoon of cinnamon on top.  Yes the same thing happened last year.  He won't learn if he doesn't practice right?  I sipped carefully.

After giving some thought to whether I should take a blogging a hiatus or keep chugging along, I have decided to decrease the pressure on myself and commit to 3 posts a week.  I have taken on a lot in the past couple months and I am not giving my all to this space anymore.  But I do enjoy coming here and I don't want to quit.  So hopefully less will be more.  I hope you stick around :)

Ok December, let the festivities begin!


  1. Welcome back! Don't quit. 3 times a week is plenty and I will wait for them! But, enjoy the holiday season! XO B

  2. I'm so ready for all of the Christmas movies too, and that hot bath with wine sounds so perfectly relaxing! Hope you're having a great week!


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