Monday, 5 January 2015

Weekend Recap: Snow Day!

Good thing one of my resolutions wasn’t to publish blog posts early because we’re only 5 days in and I would have failed!  I had the best of intentions to write this post yesterday afternoon but something inside me decided to start cleaning out my closet.  It was time, I was attempting to put away clean laundry and there wasn’t anywhere for most of it to go… and I looked at all the summer dresses and shorts and piles of unknown clothing balled up on the floor and said to myself, something needs to change.  So I started pulling things out, packing away for summer and making a donation pile… I took a break for dinner and then was right back to it until I decided I should get some shut eye.  Our room looks like a bomb went off but I promised my husband that it will look better when I’m done.
Long story short – I started cleaning out my closet and lost track of time and went to bed instead of blogging about our weekend.
Maybe it’s because our weekend was so good and I didn't want Sunday to end. It really was, I was off work for four days and we had a lot of fun doing nothing much.
In a nutshell we...

Thursday: we spent the day packing up Christmas inside and out.  I was sad that it was over but I was actually thrilled to de-clutter… we don’t have a lot of space in our living room and kitchen areas so it was nice to breathe. I even got crazy and cleaned out the lazy susan in the kitchen… another nightmare cupboard will be done this coming weekend.
Friday: we got up early and crossed the border into Bellingham, WA to visit some of my favourite stores: Target (the US ones are so. much. better.), Marshall’s and Trader Joes.  Hubby found a new store that sells every thing a man (or woman who enjoys that stuff) could want to build a house, fix a car, buy power tools… he bought some new equipment for his landscaping business and we learned how to import commercial goods into Canada.  Shockingly, it wasn’t that difficult once we got a customs officer who was willing to tell us the steps we needed to take and now that we know how to do it, it’s not that scary. Pretty sure this means more US shopping trips for me! #winning
Saturday: the ‘weather experts’ were predicting a big winter storm for our area starting Saturday night so I took the dog out to burn off some energy and picked up a couple things we might want if we were stuck at home for 24 hours: booze and grapefruit.  An odd combination I know but I have been loving grapefruit so I stocked up.
It didn’t snow.  Hubby was very sad. It has now been raining since Saturday afternoon.
Sunday: after a sleep in for me, we headed up the mountain to take Milo to play in the snow.  It is so much fun to watch him hop around in a foot of snow, he loves it!  He couldn’t get enough and I got some funny photos of him face-planting right into fresh powder. 

Completely exhausted!
We are also going back to our weekly meal plans – we eat so much better and I am more relaxed when we know prepare what we are going to eat for the week.
     Sunday: BBQ chicken breast, mushroom risotto and roasted green beans
     Monday: homemade pizza (dough from Trader Joe’s) with turkey pepperoni, mushrooms,
                    green peppers and tomatoes.
     Tuesday: Roasted pork tenderloin (trying this recipe from the Barefoot Contessa), wild  
                     rice and veggies.
     Wednesday: Leftovers (the pork tenderloin is huge!)
     Thursday: Breakfast for Dinner (vegetable omelettes)
     Friday: Greek take-out (we have a gift certificate we keep forgetting to use)

And now it’s Monday and we’re back to work. Everyone is all excited about the start of a new year but I’m like, it’s still Monday. Cheers to this week flying by!
How was your first weekend of 2015?  
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  1. I am genuinely so jealous! I miss the in FL it was 80 degrees this weekend... lets trade places? haha

    I would love your risotto recipe! I have tried and tried and mine always comes out crunchy or soupy.

  2. the snow is so pretty!!! :) we recently moved to charleston, sc from chicago so this mild winter has been sooo weird/awesome. xo jillian - stop by! I'm hosting a giveaway on cornflake dreams


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