Monday, 8 June 2015

That Weekend I Stayed Awake

This weekend was super busy – I didn’t nap either day so that right there tells you that I had a lot going on. I can’t believe I have to wait another 5 sleeps until another one is on my horizon. But don’t get too excited because we didn’t really do anything too crazy. Oh what weekends with wine are like compared to now are so drastically different.

Friday evening I dragged my husband into Bed, Bath & Beyond for a snoogle pillowcase and also ended up buying myself a personal fan spritzer. All we kept hearing going into the weekend was the heatwave coming our way so I was determined to do anything to keep cool. My husband thought this was hilarious but last night he kept stealing it from me.
My personal spritzer fan

Saturday was my first prenatal yoga class and it went great! After class I picked up my birthday drink from Starbucks and headed to my first pregnancy/baby show. I talked to our local library, a naturopath, prenatal and postnatal caregivers, maternity physiotherapists, the local nurses, lactation consultants and even the childcare people who oversee all the daycares in our area. The smart people had snacks at their stand (they were guaranteed a visit from me) and others didn’t do anything for me. It was all very educational though and helpful in a bunch of areas (like getting on the daycare waitlists ASAP!) so I’m glad I spent a couple hours there. I went grocery shopping on my way home (I even bought our first pack of diapers, I feel like spreading out the purchases is smart, again my hubby thought I was insane. Also grocery shopping while pregnant is dangerous – I bought Alphaghetti for the first time since I was about 6. WTF??).

No makeup, so hot and Starbucks in hand. Saturday is about to become my bitch (not).

I think my Saturday afternoon/evening consisted of putting away groceries, fruit and veggie prep for the week, eating at various points throughout and finally crawling into bed at 9pm. Yeah we’re cool like that.
On Sunday I was determined to be lazy but then I did 5 loads of laundry, cleaned out half of our living room (the corner where I was hoarding all my crap, found my fitbit yay!) and visited with my husband’s grandparents and father. By the time we got home it was too late to nap so I relaxed on the couch while he cooked us dinner. I love not having to cook.

We headed up to bed just before 9pm and then of course as soon as I climbed in I was wide awake and checking Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest… I hate going to sleep for some reason. Even on weekends, I try and push it as far as I can. Is anyone else like that?

I love this face... ignoring all the crap behind him, this is how Milo waits for me to come up to bed. Once we're both upstairs he can relax.

And then all too quickly here we are at Monday. Fun. Let’s just take it one day at a time.

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  1. i hate going to bed but I love sleeping. I will put bedtime off as long as I can and then kick myself for not having enough sleeping time. You're not alone!


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