Monday, 22 June 2015

Baby P is a...

Imagine our surprise!

Old wives tales (and apparently mommy’s gut feeling) cannot be trusted at all.

But we are also thrilled to bits and really the only important thing actually is that baby is healthy. And we are pretty sure that she is although she was being difficult during the ultrasound (is this that a sign??) and so I have to go back to check out the kidneys, etc. So they managed to get the top (brain, heart) and bottom (gender) and we have to go back for the middle.

After some gentle prodding baby girl pulled her face away from the placenta (she was right up in it) and lifted one of her hands to rub her eye… it was SO CUTE! Then we saw her opening and closing her mouth… another adorable moment. We don’t have any pictures of these adorable moments but they are burned into my brain plus I hope to get more when I go back in a couple weeks.

I have to admit that my hubby took a bit longer to “settle” with the news, not because he doesn’t want a girl, more because he has no clue how he will relate to a little girl. He was imagining himself teaching a son to ride dirt bikes, use power tools and run his landscaping equipment – and eventually his landscaping company – but at first he couldn’t imagine doing those things with his daughter.  I assured him that I want him to still do those things with our baby girl, that I want her to experience everything she can, with both of us, and that there isn’t any reason she can’t take over his company one day. And how cool is a woman that uses power tools? I wish I could. Then I reminded him of the special relationships that both his older brothers have with their daughters (both firstborn) and told him that I can’t wait to see her fall in love with her daddy. I truly am so excited for the moment they meet each other.

So Friday passed in a blur as it sank in that I am getting my own mini-me (YAY!) although of course we managed to do some baby shopping (show me all the purple!)… followed by more baby shopping with Nana on Saturday. I have to confess that I didn’t buy a ton of stuff, baby girl won’ t be in summer stuff until next year and who knows what size she will be, but it was so much fun to actually look at all the colours!

Sunday I actually got up and made breakfast for Daddy-to-be (Sunday is always my lazy day and hubby ends up doing all the cooking), baked him a carrot cake and gave him a new hat, then we went for lunch with my stepdad and father-in-law. After our ‘celebrations’ I had a quick visit with a friend and then went home to finish up all the prep for this coming week. It was a busy weekend and by the time I crawled into bed last night I was so drained and worn out.

Now I just have to concentrate on making it through this week, this coming weekend – a work golfing weekend – and then I am off for a week. We are heading up to the cabin to spend a blissful five days in one of my favourite places ever. So excited!!

Any recommendations for a preggo on vacation? There will be naps…

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  1. YAY! Congratulations on your sweet baby GIRL!

  2. Congratulations! Girls are the best!!


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