Thursday, 30 July 2015

Bumpdate: 27 Weeks

Seriously – how is it that I am in the last week of my second trimester?? It’s like I blinked in March and life sped up quadruple time! I have so many things I want to do before she gets here… I see a bucket list in my (very near) future!

A 27 week bump collage courtesy of time wasted spent playing with Pic Monkey

Sidenote: I was clearly not thinking about taking photos today because I wore my super comfy flats (ie. old and 'broken in') and a not so flattering dress that won't be worn again for bumpdates!

How far along: 27 weeks

Size of Baby: a rutabaga / 14", 2.5lbs

WTF is a rutabaga??

Gender: All girl all the way

Symptoms: sleepy and scatterbrained, unable to focus.

Stretch marks: so far so good.

Sleep: still sleeping really well!

Husband: has started calling Baby P his “babe-ins”

Belly Button: still completely in – maybe it won’t pop?

Movement: I feel most of her activity early in the morning (as in 5am when I make trip #3 or #4 to the bathroom) or later at night when AC is blasting cold air on me and I am about to pass out. Pretty quiet the rest of the time or I’m just not feeling it because of that who anterior placenta thing.

Cravings: this is new – I want all the clementines!! I saw a cowoker eating an apple and had an intense need for a piece of fresh fruit so another colleague gave me a clementine and that juicy goodness has imprinted on my brain. I haven't been able to buy any yet so I am literally waiting until she gets out a meeting with my fingers crossed that she has more. If she doesn’t I have no clue what I will do. Mayhem is possible. Crying is likely.

Maternity Clothes: another heat wave rolled in so dresses all day every day.

Best Part of The Week: as of tomorrow at 2:00pm I am on holidays for a week. Cabin life here we come!

Worst Part of the Week: starting the gestational diabetes testing. Boooooo.

Missing Most: sleeping through the night. And wine.

Looking Forward To: next week and all the nothing I plan to do.


  1. Your need for clementines has me cracking up! And that dress looks great on you!

  2. Dress looks great, love the colour! We call them turnips. Have a great vacation!


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