Thursday, 9 July 2015

Bump Date: 24 Weeks

Totally mastering the one-handed bump selfies!

How far along: 24 weeks

Size of Baby: Cantaloupe (what??) / 8.5 in

 So excited to be planning a nursery in mauve because we’re having a GIRL! (I am completely obsessed with the colour purple in case you haven't figured that out)

Symptoms: The exhaustion is back. With a vengeance.

Stretch marks: About the same as last week but my belly has been really itchy the last couple days so thinking I'm in for a growth spurt soon.

Sleep: All I want to do right now is sleep and so thankful I am still sleeping so well. I constantly feel like I’m walking around in a sleepy fog though and that can’t be good.

Husband: not so happy to be back to work in this heat and smog (we have so many forest fires burning in BC that they are comparing our air quality to that of Beijing – and we are losing big time. He also doesn't like it when I rub my stomach which I apparently do “all the time”. Pretty sure this is because it obviously draws attention and that’s his worst nightmare. I told him to stuff it.

Belly Button: In and staying there for a while 

Movement: The last couple days I have felt a ton of movement, especially when I eat fruit. I found out on Monday that I have an anterior placenta and is probably why I didn’t feel movement until just recently. And it’s not big movement, mostly still flutters, nothing that wakes me up or anything.

Cravings: lately I need to have chocolate around 2-3pm. Monday I had a chocolate covered Dips granola bar, yesterday I broke down and bought an aero chocolate bar (but gave 1/3 away) and then last night my friend who a brand new momma suggested I try chocolate milk. Hoping I feel less guilty about the chocolate and sugar if I am supplementing it with milk… sounds reasonable to me no??

Maternity Clothes: living in maternity leggings and tops. If I can manage to shave my legs this week I will be able to pull out some dresses but as of right now I don’t think it’s fair to inflict that nastiness on anyone.

Best Part of The Week: I had my follow up ultrasound on Monday so I got to see our baby girl, probably for the last time until she actually arrives. She slept through the entire 45 minute ultrasound including when I emptied my bladder halfway through and even after I ate a big hard candy and did jumping jacks, etc. for 5 minutes. Maybe she got her mom’s napping skills?

Worst Part of the Week: I am going to do my gestational diabetes test on Friday. I am terrified because diabetes runs in my family as well as my hubby’s, my sister had GD and I have gained a bit more weight that I have wanted to at this stage (plus started off this pregnancy at my highest weight ever). My new chocolate craving is definitely NOT helping.

Missing Most: the naps I enjoyed so freely last week. I just want sleep!

Looking Forward To: the weekend because I get to… NAP. Sleep in. Not wear makeup. I feel like a sloth this week.

Question for moms/preggos: what ‘healthy’ chocolate things can I eat for my cravings? And something that actually tastes like chocolate (unfortunately I’m not a fan of dark chocolate).


  1. Haha he hates when you rub your stomach? I'm pretty sure I would do it all the time if I was pregnant too! I thought it's just something that comes natural with a baby bump.

  2. Itchy means the skin is definitely going to start stretching start slathering on the lotion. Chocolate milk is a great chocolate substitute and has protein which kind of counter acts the sugars. :)


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