Thursday, 30 April 2015

My First Mama-to-Be Panic Attack

Now that I have officially announced that our lives are about to be blown apart (and we couldn’t be more excited to welcome our babe), I can now share my first official panic attack as a mom-to-be. And yes I am fully aware it won’t be my last.

We decided we want to start purchasing items so we are spending money along the way and not all at once in a scramble before baby arrives. This also gives me time to research the crap out of what we’re looking for so it’s a win-win. It was a toss-up between starting with the nursery or the car seat and if we chose the nursery I would have had to clean out the room. It’s full of crap. I know I still have to but I’m kind of hoping I can push it off until I’m too big and can only direct things hehe.

Car seat it was.

I looked online and I went into stores and read blogs and after first reading about Stephanie’s experience I was completely sold. Then to make me feel even better about my decision, it showed up on Corrine’s baby registry list.

So last Saturday afternoon my hubby and I bought our first important baby purchase – the MaxiCosi Mico AP infant seat. And as soon as we (ha – he) loaded the box in and drove away, I started to panic and my chest tightened. Then I frantically texted the group chat my mom and sisters and I have going constantly:

I was assured by all that we made a great choice and after re-reading Stephanie and Corrinne’s posts (a couple times) I am once again very happy with our purchase. And I have to say, it's not only safe, lightweight, functional, etc... it's also pretty darn cute!


And now to decide on our stroller…

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  1. I'm confident you made the right decision! My sister in law has that one too and swears it's the best. Happy weekend :)


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