Friday, 1 May 2015

Can't Live Without It

So as we all learned from my previous post, I am quite the late-to-gamer. When it comes to make-up, I am a super late bloomer. As in I just purchased my first Naked palette, and it's not because I didn’t like the colours until version 3 came out, no I literally didn’t have a clue they existed until a girlfriend told me the soft colours would suit my makeup style (she’s so sweet because my ‘style’ is non-existent). Anyhoo I bought it and I love it and I have used it like 5 times. That’s a lot for me.

But the Naked palette isn’t my thing that I can’t live without (hello, it still looks new and I still have the plastic on the mirror!) but I did discover another cosmetic product that I LOVE and use every day (that I wear makeup).

My make-up routine goes something like this: wash face, apply BB cream, apply concealer as needed (holy preggo hormones making me break out high school style) and then powder. Curl eyelashes and then apply a couple coats of mascara. Voila, I’m done. Except for the final step.

I now use Urban Decay’s makeup setting spray! If I am going to spend 10 minutes on makeup that I could have spent sleeping then I want it to last allll day – and with this magical spray it does!  And I got a small bottle at Ulta for like $10 and it has lasted a few months. Love it.


I really should jazz up my makeup routine a bit, add a little eyeliner or eyeshadow… any tips? I guess I could pull out my Naked palette and swipe something on my lid. My eyebrows could use some TLC too. But if I’m honest, none of the above will happen and I’m ok with that because with the help of my friend the little amount I do will stick around.

Happy Friday Friends!

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  1. I have wanted a Naked palette FOREVER but we both know I am a sucker for all makeup. I only do my eyes most of the time these days if anything- MAC black liner and very black Clinique mascara are my go to picks.

  2. I have the Naked 2 Palette and I love it. I highly recommend watching some YouTube videos for various videos on what colours go where. The tutorials really helped me!


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