Friday, 22 May 2015

Can't Live Without It: Ice Relief

My Can’t Live Without It item this week was originally purchased for one function but when my sciatic decided to start making my life miserable two weeks ago, I quickly grabbed onto it for dear life and it has been my constant companion ever since.

My ice sheet. Target pulled through again my friends!


I bought this last summer because it is perfect for wrapping around two bottles of white wine (in a figure 8 so they don't crack against each other) to keep it a perfectly-sippable temperature. The flexibility originally won me over in the store and then I actually wrapped a couple bottles of Pinot Gris in it, I was super impressed with how well it chilled the bottles.

Now I find the flat and flexible shape perfect for positioning under my butt and leg for relief from sciatic pain! Because of the shape it’s super comfortable to lay on and I actually forget it’s there a lot of the time. And because I can really only take one extra strength Tylenol (and I hate to do even that) I need to try everything natural for some relief. This really helps.

Needless to say I am super happy with my dual purpose purchase… although I am counting down the days until I can use it for the wine purpose again only! Actually I’m sure it will also be my best friend in the summer heat when I’m 7-8 months pregnant. I may actually need to buy more… you need to get one too and they’re on sale right now!!

Happy Friday friends! I am headed to Amsterdam tomorrow for a week with work, not quite a vacation as I am overseeing a sales seminar for 35 of our affiliates but we have some fun things planned.

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  1. Anything that keeps my white wine nice and chilly is a friend of mine! Enjoy your trip, Sarah!


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