Thursday, 21 May 2015

Bumpdate: 17 Weeks!

I'm not doing so great with this whole steady blogging thing am I? I can't believe I completely missed my bumpdate last week (I even had a super cute graphic!) but I haven't really taken any cute bump photos anyway... I still haven't popped so I hate any pics right now.

*Update: a colleague at work took my picture today so am adding it, you can kind of see bump!

How far along: 17 weeks

Size of Baby: an onion ( or a turnip (What to Expect) - 5 inches!

Gender: literally counting down the days until June 18th!

Symptoms: My sciatica is f***ed up. I have been in so much pain the last two weeks so visiting a chiropractor, icing, stretching and resting are pretty much all I can do. If anyone has a miracle cure please share!

Stretch marks: Still nothing but again, haven't actually popped so fingers still crossed.

Sleep: I am enjoying my snoogle a lot more now but that's probably because it helps with sciatica. Jinx also loves it but that makes it less comfortable for me! I am back to sleeping pretty well but the middle of the night bathroom trips are annoying.

Husband: he finally got to hear the heartbeat and I think it's made baby all that more real for him. A few days ago when I came downstairs in the morning he first asked how I was doing and then asked how his baby was doing. Heart melt.

Belly Button: in

Movement: Nothing yet and I can't wait... I almost bought a doppler off facebook last weekend because at least then I could hear the heartbeat! But then what if I couldn't find it? I would lose my shit. And apparently baby can hear now so that wouldn't be cool. Thankfully I messaged my group text with my mom and sisters and they talked some sense into me.

Cravings: No cravings but I have a couple aversions. I don't really want coffee anymore so I drink tea in the morning. Also not a fan of the look or smell of sushi.

Maternity Clothes: Still rocking my maternity leggings but it is summer hot here now so about time to start wearing dresses.

Best Part of The Week: the mini massage I got at chiro yesterday, so good.

Worst Part of the Week: I have to get blood taken tomorrow for a few tests boooo.

Missing Most: Relaxing with a cocktail and being able to take real painkillers for my sciatic.

Looking Forward To: on Saturday I leave for a week in Amsterdam for work. Not looking forward to the trip over there but definitely excited to see the city again!

Question for other Mamas out there: when did you start registering for things? Also for Canadian mamas - where are you registering? Now that Target is gone I don't know where else to go (except the obvious Babies R Us where I plan to).

This is my super cute graphic from 16 weeks where Baby P was the size of an avocado and had a strong heartbeat of 153! I promise an actual photo for 20 weeks!



  1. Some of my mom friends told me that Walmart Canada now does registries. And Sears is always a solid option. Enjoy your trip! I would love to visit Amsterdam! House Hunters International makes it looks SO beautiful there.

  2. I wouldn't recommend a Doppler just for the very reason that you mentioned! You think it'd be peace of mind, but what if?! How exciting that you find out what Baby P is so soon!! :)


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