Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Weekend Recap: Exercising my Green Thumb

Cheers to a great weekend come and gone!  We didn't really have any plans which was nice because I've been working a bit later these last few days and I was really looking forward to a lazy weekend.  Friday night was fairly uneventful, we went to buy a few plants to replace the seedlings I lost: lettuce, spinach and kale... here's hoping I can keep actual plants alive.  On our way home we picked up dinner and relaxed in front of the TV for a couple hours before turning in.  

Saturday was a good day.  I slept in uninterrupted and then enjoyed a couple leisurely cups of coffee while watching the Parenthood season finale (please tell me that Julia and Joel will get back together?!) before taking Milo out for a good long walk on a trail beside a nearby river/creek thing.  I love watching Milo when he's off leash on a trail wandering all over the place, he's so carefree and happy.  He does try to hump almost every dog he comes in contact with but thankfully most of them snap at him to show who is boss.  It's still embarrassing, thank goodness he's cute!

Saturday morning in the trails
When we got back home I finally gave into the weeds overtaking the front garden and ripped them out.  This was actually quite necessary because we bought plants 3 weeks ago for the garden and they have been left to (somewhat) survive on the porch since they came home.  he downside of owning your own home is the upkeep outside... hubby mows the lawn but for some reason the gardens fall to me and non-existent green thumbs.  


Saturday night was another chill one, we ordered in some dinner and watched the hockey playoffs (I was actually re-watching Orange is the New Black on my iPad) while enjoying a few drinks.  Hubby fell asleep on the couch at 9:30pm and decided to head off to bed which gave me another chance to watch some of my shows... I only have about 6 more episodes of Bones before I'm all caught up!

On Sunday we woke up to light rain with the promise that it would get harder so I finished weeding and got everything planted.  I think we need to add some more flowers but it's a good start.  As soon as I finished up outside the rain started coming down hard so I ran a hot bath and settled in with a hot cup of coffee.  It was so ugly out all day that we stayed in and watched movies, ate some tasty snacks, took a family nap... the perfect lazy Sunday!


It wasn't even that hard to get ready for Monday because we were looking forward to Milo's birthday.  I realize that he had no idea what going on but we knew it was a special day and had lots of fun with him all day, gave him (too many) treats and a special dinner.
And in addition to his new bed and stuffies, I got him a fish.  And named him Otis.

Our newest family member, Otis

Only 4 more sleeps until another Friday!

And for the first time in a long time I am linking up with the lovely Weekend Recap hostesses Showered with Design  and Dateless in Dallas.

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