Friday, 30 May 2014

Friday Dance

Happy 'It's My First Birthday Weekend Celebration' Friday!  I'm not entirely sure if it's the Gemini inside me but I love love love LOVE my birthday and celebrate it for as long as I can.  This year my special day falls on Monday so I have taken it upon myself to declare this weekend through the next my birthday.  I also have decided to declare this the Summer of Sarah... and once I figure out what exactly that means I will let you know.

Back to my birthday.  I am celebrating tomorrow with K and assorted others at our local Community Day (if there isn't a beer garden there will be a flask!) and then wherever the rest of the day/evening takes me... Sunday is going to be a Funday ending with a family dinner and Monday is yet TBD.  I will need cake of some sort.  And then next Saturday we are having friends over for a BBQ.  So excited!

I am linking up with Darci and friends for or 5 on Friday and thanks to Lisa from Chic Little Thrills for my latest addiction after ready my confession post, I have some gifs for you :)
1.) I will for sure be dancing this evening... it might be in my kitchen but I will have a glass of wine and I won't have any rhythm!
2.) WINE!
3.) Whenever I drink a lot of wine I turn Pitch Perfect on and sometimes we fast forward and only watch the singing scenes... and we always dance at the end!

4.) And we all know I love my weekend naps...
5.) But really IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!!


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