Monday, 2 June 2014

Happy Birthday to ME!

And it's finally here, the day that's all about ME - my birthday!  I am shamelessly obsessed with my birthday and as my actual birthday falls on a Monday this year, I decided to make it a special day and spend it doing things for me.  This is an extra special birthday for me because I hope to be a mother or at least pregnant by my next one.  I wonder often how motherhood would change me... will I be less obsessed with with events that centre around me?  Probably not lol but at least I will also have other events to focus on. 

I am excited to get this day started so am about to head out (I took the day off work to enjoy to the fullest extent!) but before I go I want to tell you all about a little giveaway I am taking part in!  Jen is the host and I am so happy to be involved - check out the Rafflecopter below to win some money!!

Enjoy your day and come back tomorrow for a rundown of mine!

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