Sunday, 8 June 2014

What's for Dinner

Now that it feels like summer is really here (thank you Mother Nature!) it’s even harder when Sunday evenings roll around.  Monday is coming. That sucks. And it doesn’t help that I was so hungover today that I wasted it in bed and on the couch and I’m pretty sure that I swore off drinking… ahhh the silly things I say.

The hangover was totally worth it though - we had a few good friends over for a BBQ on Saturday and K made one of her best sangrias batches yet.  But wasting a whole day on a stupid hangover sucks so hopefully I can play next weekend a little smarter.

The one thing I did do today was make a meal plan because last week was basically a write-off.

Sunday: we had leftover burgers and hot dogs from the BBQ and I was in no shape to cook!

Monday: My body is literally craving greens so I thought a taco salad made with ground turkey, lettuce, tomatoes, beans, a bit of cheese and topped off with salsa and greek yogurt.

Tuesday: hubby is on dinner duty and he loves a good shake & bake chicken and I am going to sneak in cauliflower mash.

Wednesday: mid-week is when I start to get really lazy and takeout is a threat so something simple and quick like tortellini pasta in tomato sauce will (hopefully) keep me on track. Toss together a green salad and we have dinner.

Thursday: a veggie scramble with toast and fruit on the side

Friday: dinner out with the lovely ladies from my book club!  

What are you having for dinner?

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