Thursday, 19 June 2014

Creative Jealousy

There is so much creativity in this world and I am so frigging jealous of it.  My whole family is creative... my mom is an awesome quilter (I am actually in the process of setting up an Etsy shop because she loves quilting and is constantly making things, more on that in the future), my older sister is a scrapbooker and card maker, my younger sister is pretty good with fashion and accessories, and all the amazing things she did for my wedding, one of my favourites was the super funky program.  My stepdad can build anything - I have a whole Pinterest board dedicated to projects I want him to do for me.

I am so not creative.  I am boring when it comes to graphic design, I can't learn to knit or crochet at all, I tried quilting but it just didn't grab hold of me like it does my mom.  There is nothing creative or artistic that I can lose myself in that fills the void I have.  Because believe me, I want to be creative... and I have a bunch of DIY projects in various stages packed away into different corners of our house.  Oh and the supplies!  I keep buying supplies!!  Anyone need mason jars?  I have a bunch, in both clear and blue... or canvases?  Spray paint in four different shades of purple? It's like my hobby is surfing Pinterest to find DIY projects that I pin, plan for, buy for, but never actually DO.

And now blogland has shown me so many more amazing creative people... where do these geniuses ladies come up with these things?!?!

A few that are making me green with envy my favourites finds so far...

Whitney designs t-shirts every month!

Amanda's gold foil print is my week-long mantra... and a few of my co-workers are picking it up too!  She has a huge selection and it took me forever to pick one.  I'm sure a second is sure to follow.

Not only does Erin do crazy awesome blog design (don't you love mine ;) but this talented chick was having so much fun designing things for her NYC apartment that she opened an Etsy shop to sell them (and they're a wicked price!).

Megan is getting crafty and actually makes and sells jewelry.  I read her updates and can totally imagine her drinking a cocktail or four while sitting on her deck and creating her little heart away.  I love it!

I guess I will keep surfing Pinterest and maybe (hopefully!) I will finally discover my creativity.  Or I will collect a huge supply of DIY "things" and maybe at some point sell them.  In the meantime, hit me up if you need a mason jar... I also see green in my future.

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