Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Birthday Hooky

I played hooky yesterday.  And I loved it.  I wasn't 100% certain until Sunday evening (I was about 98.44% sure Friday afternoon) that I was going to take my birthday off but I decided to take the plunge.  My hubby (M) had to work and it was perfect because I wanted to do something I haven't had the guts to.  My facebook feed has been blowing up with photos of the view from the top of a hike that overlooks the water.  But I haven't been the most active person so I knew it would be hard.  And I didn't want to pass out.  And most of all I didn't want to start it with someone and not be able to finish it... so the stars aligned and Sunday night I decided to do it on my birthday. 
I didn't say a word to anyone, I woke up early and had coffee with M before he left for work and then I slowly got myself organized and headed out.  I drove the 10 minutes to the start of the trail and parked. 
I'm not going to like, it was a dicey beginning because the first 5-10 minutes looked similar to this:
Milo is the white blur in front.. he was over the moon!
A lot of stairs.  But then it started leveling out like this...

A bit easier to walk on, forgive my foggy camera lens!

This guy find every mud puddle possible

And after 1 hour and 15 minutes WE (well I) MADE IT TO THE TOP!!  Check out that gorgeous view!!!   And these are the two photos I texted to M to show him how I spent my birthday morning.  He was totally shocked but proud of me :-)


After my triumphant hike I went out to meet my mom for an afternoon of pampering, some shopping, coffee and tasty treats.  It was just what I needed!  I got home about the same time as M and we ordered in one of my guiltiest pleasures - Chinese food. 

the results of my mani/pedi (and our Chinese in the background)

I discovered a new wine last night... I knew we didn't have any cold wine in the fridge and that wouldn't do on my birthday so I stopped to pick something up and this label attracted me right away.  I bought it purely for the label and I love it!  It's on the sweet side and it even has a bit of fizziness so it's kind of like I'm drinking champagne which I also love.

And below is a blurry photo of my new golf hat from my mother-in-law... she loves golf and is so happy that I've taken it up.  Of course she found a bunch of purple stuff for me ;)

And that was my day!  Thank you everyone who made my birthday so special... and I can't wait to celebrate with all our friends at our BBQ next weekend!

Ahhh birthdays!

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