Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Weekend Recap: Celebrations with Friends

If you’re new to these parts then you may not be aware that when it comes to my birthday, I am completely over the top, want tons of attention and endless celebrations.  It’s a holiday that should be celebrated by everyone!  The weather has been amazing the past couple weeks so we decided to have our friends over for a BBQ and it just so happened that two of hubby’s friends are also Gemini babies so I decided to step off my pedestal for once and share the spotlight (a little bit, I still managed to take most of it ;).

The BBQ was planned for Saturday night so I knew it would be a busy day getting everything ready and made sure to take a few minutes and enjoy my morning (bailey’s) coffee in the sun and check on my veggies.

Enjoying my coffee after picking our strawberries!

Two beautiful ladies

Another Gemini (and the man I was supposed to be set up with the night I met my husband and mistook him for my date... it turned out well, he was the fourth groomsman at our wedding!)

The gorgeous K enjoying the sun and the sangria (see ladle in watermelon, thank you Pinterest)... so deliciously strong it was dangerous!  I will post the recipe so you all can enjoy.
I compromised with purple decorations in a nautical theme for the boys... fair no?

A group shot!  And the third Gemini sneaking in on the left

I actually brought out my DSLR for the evening and as you can tell I need some serious on my photography skills.  What are the best tutorials you have found?

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