Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Weekend Recap: Home Sweet Home

I love quiet weekends at home spending time around the house and the husband... as long as I have wine (or beer or tequila etc.) then I love to hermit away at home.  And for this reason I don't have very much to say about our weekend, hubby worked Saturday morning and I slept in... I took the dog out and then we ran a couple errands, and we ended the day in sun in our yard.  Sunday was much of the same :)

I am so into Orange is the New Black that I had to find a spot in the yard with wifi
(our house is really old so the signal strength sucks).  I am on the last episode - when does season 3 come out??
I souped up my bike a little bit... got a new wider seat (the pain down under was totally uncool with the stock seat!), attached a water bottle and got a pouch for my handle bars to store my keys, Milo's leash, phone and chopstick.

The lavender I received from a good friend for my birthday... I love the scent and the pot is beautiful!
Plus a wine I had to taste purely for the label - anytime is Wine O'clock for me!

Too much fun in the dirt means a bath for someone... someone who hates baths!

And this was his after-face, "Hey Lady, I am pretty sure you owe me a cookie!"

Look at that face!  He got quite a few.

I also gave our vegetable garden a little TLC - look at the lettuce!! 

I am linking up with (Dateless in Dallas and Showered With Design) for this weekend recap... and please come back for next week's because we will be on vacation at my husband's family cabin - first trip of the summer!

Dateless in Dallas

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