Monday, 16 June 2014

Roast Beef Feast & Meal Plan Monday

After the amazing roast beef dinner I made last night it was pretty tough to bang out another delicious meal tonight so I took to super easy road and put some tortellini on and while it was cooking, threw minced garlic, zucchini and mushrooms into tomato sauce to simmer.  Throw the pasta in when cooked and voila, I had dinner on the table in about 18 minutes.  Perfection for a Monday.

But my roast beef dinner? AMAZING.  When asked what he wanted for Father's Day my stepdad responded: roast beef dinner.  For some reason the man always wants me to cook for him.  And I am the only one living in the same city so how could I say no?  

It was my first time cooking a roast beef so I picked out a good looking (at least to me) sirloin tip roast and googled recipes while out for drinks with hubby on Saturday.  I decided to cook it in the oven and it turned out soooo good. I made a rub of mostly Keg Steak Spice, garlic salt and seasoning salt.  I rubbed it all over that sucker, left it to soak in the rub flavours for 1.5 hours and then placed it to cook directly on the rack in the oven.  It came out with the most amazing crust!

I also sautéed green beans in butter, threw in some sliced almonds and seasoned with salt and pepper. And then I went... packaged?  I whipped up yorkshire puddings (from a package) and cooked up some gravy (from a package) to which I added sautéed mushrooms and the drippings from the roast... best gravy I've ever made.

Yup, that's my Father's Day Dinner Masterpiece - makes you hungry doesn't it?  (Sorry vegetarians!)

We do have to eat for the rest of the week though so this is what we have going on:

Any suggestions to try and make my next roast even better? I would love to hear them!

Have a great week everyone!

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