Friday, 20 June 2014

5 on Friday: Happily Annoyed

I have been somewhat slacking lately but really wanted to partake in TGIF festivities so I was thinking last night about what my 5 on Friday topic would be when I came across a Gilmore Girls reference and BAM! I had it!  Because I am new to them (gifs) and have only built one post around the,  I would find 5 Gilmore Girls gifs to illustrate my week.  Brilliant right??  Wrong.  GG is one of my favourite shows but I only found one gif worth using.  So then I decided to try and find 5 gifs to document my week and include the GG one I had liked… do you think I could find a gif of someone throwing a golf club??  (that was my Tuesday at the driving range, my club flew right out of my hands, thankfully behind me!)
So I turned off my laptop and watched a Big Bang Theory rerun.
This morning I was still idealess but then I came across Erin’s post and I love the idea so I am copying her (this is ok because I am giving her credit right??) and turning it into… 5 things I am happy about and 5 things I am annoyed about.

I am happy because…
1)     It’s Friday (again, sorry Erin but how can I not include this??)
2)     It’s pay day!
3)     I have NO commitments this weekend!  I can drink, sleep and laze in around as I please J
4)     We are only one week away from our first trip up to hubby’s family cabin on the lake and I am beyond excited!!  Our first wine tastings of the year, happy hours on the deck, relaxing with the most amazing scenery ever, watching Milo play on the beach, watching hubby ride his Seadoo (his eternal happy place)… the list is endless!
5)     I am taking one of my good friends out for lunch for her birthday today and it has been a long time since we have caught up outside of work and golf lessons
I am annoyed because…
1)     Gilmore Girls is seriously lacking in gifs
2)     I have to wait until next weekend to go to paradise and we only have four days there
3)     I am missing both my sisters coming to town next weekend (this is purely selfish because I am the one going away when they are planning to come but I gots to get my lake and cabin on!
4)     Hubby and I got new bikes last weekend and even though I put a gel seat pad on, it still hurts my crotch so much.  I need to buy one of those cruiser bike seats.
5)     My one pair of jeans that fit are getting worn in the crotch… and if I’m being honest actually have a small hole way up there that I pray no can see.  I refuse to buy a larger size.
Oh and that gif I did find?  This was me on Monday… but then again I’m pretty sure it’s me every Monday…
Have a GREAT weekend everyone!
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