Thursday, 22 May 2014

Boozy Art

Last week a few friends and I went to the latest Groupon phenomenon 'Paint Nite' and I had a blast! Basically you choose a theme night (we chose wine, shocker!) and then an artist walks you through the creation of your painting.  It's a two hour class and it's always held where they serve liquor because the only thing more fun than donning a bright green apron and playing with a bunch of paint is doing that with a buzz.  Unfortunately the location we (they) chose was quite far from my house so boozy painting was out of the question for me. I will do the painting again but I will not do the sobriety again.  I was so frigging jealous of all those cocktails flying by me...
Ok maybe I got one drink beforehand... but defs not enough
Ready to get my paint on!
the setup
the painting we were attempting to copy (not including the sun glare)
my canvas
feeling good, like I might actually be an artist
she told us to add a "cloud"... I started going downhill...
Way downhill... to what I think an angry vaj would look like...
added my glass in hopes of detracting from the angriness... messed up my glass at the top
finished product!
We may not be hanging my painting on our wall but I would for sure do this again.  There are a lot of different themes to pick from (birds, landscapes, fruit, etc) and I feel like I might be better at trees or some kind of landscaping.  Wine might make me better as well - I will keep you posted.
So what do you think of my art?  Junk pile?

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